Steinberg's MMQB: A landscape changing for the better

In mid-February, the BC Lions made history by adding Tanya Walter to Rick Campbell’s coaching staff as a defensive assistant. Walter is the first woman to coach full-time in the CFL and is now tackling a unique balancing act. On the one hand, she’s a trailblazer. On the other, coaching football is her job, her passion, and the thing that’s most important.

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Good coaches and bad come and go. The good ones move up the ranks because they produce a winning team. Time will tell how good a coach is and how successful they become in the sport. The opportunity shouldn't be gender biased in any job, only based upon ability and talent. Good luck to Tanya Walter and all who follow in her footsteps. The task is very competitive and difficult so anyone who can handle the duties and stress deserves a chance.

Hire the best person for the job. If you let any prejudice cloud your judgment, you are not getting the best people to help you move forward.

Please don’t anyone take this the wrong way… I have no problem with females working in the CFL. But from what I have seen, Walters has coached high school football and guest coached with the Edmonton Huskies. She had also played the game of football. I hope she is really good at her job because I am a life long Lion Fan and only want the best coaches for the team.

Male or Female shouldn’t make a difference… I just demand the best to help us win.