Steinberg's MMQB: 5 things to watch during LD Weekend

Week 13 is here, which also means OK Tire Labour Day Weekend is almost upon us! It’s the most exciting week on the CFL calendar and, like most years, is chock full of storylines. Here are five to keep an eye on heading into Labour Day Weekend 2022.

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Calgary looks very good with the next guy up at QB. In fact good enough the bombers will be in touch in the west final to pull off a win??? time will tell but I would not want to bet either way.

Good bye Bo, he's gotta go, me oh my oh!! Bo is done!! stick a fork in em.

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Cody Fajardo is back??? Really?? This was a damaged Lions team that went into a back to back without their star QB, who then lose their starter and have to play with a career 50% passer. BC is in trouble would have been a more accurate assessment after the game then CF is back. Labour Day is always a tough win for the Bombers, the Riders are going to have to be far better on "O" if they plan on competing. Bombers by 14.


I think now that Ottawa have placed Arbuckle as the starter, we will see a much better contender coming out of the Eastern division. Things seemed to click for them but that was against a struggling Elk team that could have had something to do with the results.
I agree that Fajardo look pretty good but then they were playing against a 3rd string QB. The Lions had lost their consentration after losing their 2nd string QB (O'Connor) immediately after losing their MOP QB Rourke. They hadn't even gotten over losing Rourke when O'Connor went down. That had to be very hard to get over and play their best.
If O'Connor gets back behind center after their break, I wouldn't be surprised to see BC's performance much stronger . And with Montreal getting better each game they will need that improvement.
Maier was pretty impressive against the Bombers. Especially so since that was his very first rep all season. He wasn't even being used for short yardage. Just standing on the sidelines watching. His next opponent is the Elks who are struggling and so that will give him a chance to settle in and get very comfortable with all of his receivers. I do expect though that the Elks will improve their performance as this is the labor day grudge match. Which is OK because stronger competition will make a stronger Stampeder team.

Maier did have a half to play in TO, but I agree he did look good in Winnipeg albeit in a losing cause. 2nd thru 4th is wide open again with the Rourke injury, and we could see BC go on a run in a negative direction. Just a short year ago they did not make the playoffs, other than Rourke they pretty much have that same team. Their D is overrated, Rourke made them better. I'll go with Calgary, BC, Sask 2 thru 4.

Stamps should crush the elks back to back but until they can play D they are in tough to win a playoff game
I would get rid of monson and bring back Claybrooks and hope you can find a few cuts from down south
What does it take for the Bombers to get called for holding?? Seems they can tackle and it won’t be called

Get over it already....