Steinberg's MMQB: '19 breakout stars continuing to shine

With an entire year away from game action, I wasn’t sure how much from 2019 was going to carryover into a brand new CFL season. Through two weeks of 2021, not everything has translated from the last time we saw three-down football. However, a trio of breakout stars from last season has picked up right where they left off to start a brand new campaign.

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I'm 2-6 as well haha. Ohhhh boy :man_facepalming:t2:
C'mon Elks let's get it together

Don't feel bad Pat, I'm just 3-5 on this bizarre 2021 season-"COVID-19 Effect" Hopefully both Alberta teams can get their act together in Week 3. In the East the Cats are the big surprise thus far. With 12 games left on the slate all is very well with the greatest show on turf !

P.S. Bo Levi Mitchell is hoping that 3 times is a charm for this week's Tough opponent.