Steinberg's MMQB: 1 training camp question for every West team

It has been a long time coming, but I can’t tell you how awesome it is to type these words: welcome to training camp 2021. Camps start across the league this week, so it’s time to ask one question of all nine teams with the season set to start in exactly one month. Let’s start with the West Division.

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Great questions. My 2 cents worth on them.

Reilly's got weapons & his OL improved a lot after Angus Reid took over as coach. Added an All-Star in Matthews. I expect him to have a great year on offence.

The receiving corps on Elks are all proven veteran guys & Elizondo is a VG OC. Adding Wilder really helps as a counter punch & he's running behind a big veteran OL which has been together for a few years now. They should roll.

I can't find too many positives in the Stamps, other than you shouldn't underestimate Mitchell, Dickenson & Hufnagel. But had they been able to keep Bergman, Dennis, Rogers, Begelton, Roberson, would they be playing backup? Of course not. If you're counting mostly on former backups filling those positions, you can't say your team is as good as the last edition. Those names mentioned are just the ones off the 2019 CFL All-Star teams. The list goes on & on. Do you believe in miracles? A bridge too far for me. But, hey, if the Stamps surprise, great.

It's always tougher in year 2. Jennings, Printers, Willy's best years were the 1st. Tate made Burris expendable. The OL, at this point, will have 3 new starters. The much hyped big 3 - Evans, Moore & Williams-Lambert have no experienced backups behind them. Should they start 2 Nationals, say McInnis & Lenius, the 5 of them have 108 CFL appearances. Ellingson has 107. For me, this is a black hole as far as knowing what they can do on offence. Roosevelt, Arcenaux, Watson & Thigpen took up over 40% of team targets in 2019. I would have expected the Riders to have picked up a veteran or 2 in free agency. Maas will have his work cut out for him IMO. No veteran Burris, Reilly or Harris or veteran receivers to work with. I'm very interested to see what happens in Regina. Hopefully it all works out for a nice guy like Fajardo.

You're not going to replace Medlock.

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