Steinberg's MMQB: 1 Training Camp question for every East team

It was awesome to see training camp get underway across the country this weekend.

We’ve been anticipating and preparing for this season for a long, long time, but to see players back on the field made it feel real. Last week we asked one camp question for all five West Division teams, so this week we’re focusing on the East.

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My prediction - Toronto (if Rookie HC can get it right,too much STAR POWER not to do well) Hamilton (Banks and HC Steinauer have something to prove both proven talent), Montreal( Don't believe QB Adams has what it takes, more luck than consistant talent in 2019) then OTTAWA( QB Nichols too predictable under pressure).

Toronto - my biggest concern, the HC, OC, DC & STC have never held those positions before. (Shades of Claybrooks in 2019)
Hamilton-Argos have a lot of talent on the roster but the TiCats should run away with the East.
Montreal-I like the team, especially on offence. On D, lost some really good talent like Evans, Campbell @ DB &, of course, Muamba. Can they get pressure on the QB?
Ottawa-Korte only guy left on OL. I don't envy Nichols. I'd really like to see LaPolice do well but I just don't see a lot of improvements on their roster.

Im curious which Kickers at Ticats Training camp will earn roster spots

Sorry pantsonfire, but have to unfortunately dissagree with some of your fears
True that Ryan Dinwiddie is a rookie at the HC position but did tutor recently under 2 of the best HCs in Calgary.
Actually Jarious Jackson (OC) held same position in BC (2018 & 19) although not all that successful. Was it his fault ???
Glen Young(DC) held same position in colledge (but rookie in pro football) so some concerns there.
Mark Nelson although never a STC did hold DC & LB coach in Winnipeg (2009), Edmnton (2012) & Ottawa (2014 - 2017) along with a number of other Defensive positions in CFL since 2009. So I would say has a good understanding of coaching STs
If HC Dinwiddie can lead & manage both his subordinate Coaches and the rest of the Argo players effectively by getting all the players (especially the super stars) to bond as a team, the Argos have a real good chance this season ! As I said too many talented players to not succeed. Pinball has done a terrific job in recruiting the talent, it's mainly Dinwiddie's leadership that can potentially destroy that success by his inexperience as a HC. But should,if he's smart, imitate Dickenson's & Huff's leadership .

I was referring to holding these positions strictly in pro ie. CFL. Mark Nelson was STC with Baylor way back when. I see that Jackson is listed as OC. I thought Dinwiddie was handling both HC & OC duties, so my apologies. Still, my concerns are still there. I don't doubt Nelson may be a good STC but does having been a DC mean you're going to be a good STC? Would Stubler make a good STC? Maybe - don't know. Is he there "just in case" Young doesn't work out? Look, the 2 teams with the most wins in the league last year had 1st year HC's who were co-ordinators prior. But they also had the benefit of coaching staffs that were fully formed. I think the Argos will be good. Note I only mention the coaching situation. But IMO, even with all the new talent, they don't match up to the TiCats - and coaching staffs is a primary reason IMO.