Steinberg: Who's more elite than Mario Alford?

It feels like we’re in a golden age of CFL returners.

We know how Winnipeg’s Janarion Grant can turn a game on its side on a single play, which was on display in last year’s Western Final and Grey Cup. The same is true for Chandler Worthy of the Alouettes, who is as dangerously consistent as they come.

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I think Jon’s not gonna like this…
Don’t know Grant’s totals, but I know he has alot more than Alford (yes I know he’s played more). Injuries the past couple years to Grant helps Alford’s case.

Chandler Worthy is very nice too. Gets a lot called back due to penalties

Naw. The new special teams expert guy,
Between the Goalposts, and I already discussed this at length on another thread the last couple of days. He too erroneously thought Alford was the best.

We ended up agreeing that Grant was the better punt returner and that Alford was the better kickoff returner. Grant has a very slight statistical edge per game but obviously isn’t playing until who knows when. He therefore can’t rack up TD’s while Alford just had two last game which my new friend called a “recency bias”. They are very close and either of them is a legitimate pick for the best.

I like Grant slightly more because he shines in big games and big moments. A return
In each playoff game last year and for my
money he would have been Grey Cup MOP had the Bombers managed to win. He also doesn’t seem to me to make as many mistakes when judging whether to run the ball out of the end zone or not.

In any event fame is historically fleeting if you are a kick return specialist. It is the most dangerous CFL position to play so injuries are frequent. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that Dedmon took the league by storm and was widely considered to be the best returner in the league. The next Gizmo. Now he can’t stay healthy and when he has been after his NFL sojourn he has been unremarkable.

As a Bomber fan I am happy we have Grant. I wouldn’t be unhappy if we had Alford.

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