Steinberg: My top-10 moments of the 2022 season

As the calendar year draws to a close, we’ve got another fun countdown for you. Some of our top moments of 2022 were spectacular plays at key junctures of games. But we also have milestones, impressive accomplishments, and a sentimental farewell on this list as well.

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I watch the last 10 minutes of the Grey Cup over and over. What a fun, wild ending.


That’s strange. I watched the same last 10 minutes of the Grey Cup that you watched and my ‘fun, wild ending’ was nothing like yours. Huh.

It’s a good thing that I was on the first floor when I jumped out the window.


It certainly was exciting. Argo fans probably jumped out the window too (1st floor) when Robbie Smith was called for facemask on a 3rd down sack with just over a minute left. Hope they recovered to see his game winning block of the field goal kick a few plays later.


Robbie Smith was THAT close to reaching choke status. Ultimately that award ‘kinda’ (I know I know… it’s a team sport) went to our kicker which ultimately let Smith off the hook.

I would have included Macioca's destruction of the Als. Sure they finished 9&9, but my daughter could have achieved that result with the talent they had, and probably even better. Montreal may very well finish last in the division in '23 and will most likely loose some game changers with the hiring of Maas. The Mtl organization is once again in disaray and with Macioca having so much say as to where they are going, god forbid. Sad.

Why does’nt the CFL post the best 10 rushes of the year ? There were roughly 36000 yards gained by the air, of which roughly 30 % were « yack » yards, and roughly 15000 yards gained on the ground. Also, there were 151 interceptions and 101 lost fumbles. There is a video of the ten best interceptions, but none of the 10 best fumbles. Surely, offensive lines and defensive lines deserve a better treatment.

i want to see film of every single cody fajardo sack. it would be hours long.