Steinberg: Four potential landing spots for Mathieu Betts

Mathieu Betts is going to get paid.

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Gee Steinberg, what about Saskatchewan?

I hope our smiling sacker comes back to BC. Loved the way he smiled at the QBs

I don’t think the Riders can afford Betts but may take a shot at bringing Oakman over. In my fantasy I’d love to see Betts and Oakman added to the D Line. But sadly the CFL has a Mickey Mouse mentality when it comes to spending caps on players and especially the coaches which affects the quaality of the product.

Though, the Riders may be able to add some muscle to the D Line by developing a player through the Draft under a much less $ rookie contract.

The way that the FA signings have shuffled the CFL deck should make for a fun & interesting 2024 CFL season.

Yes hopefully in Hamilton ! Would be a tremendous addition to the defence. Jamal Peters, Jordan Williams , a couple of other D linemen from the Argos, …adding Betts would be awesome!

Mathieu Betts as a Montreal Alouette would help Montreal add to a pretty impressive defense, led by Noel Thorpe, one of the smartest Defensive Coaches in the country. Maybe, at the same time, we could bring John Bowman back where he belongs!!! This would enable the great rapport that Mathieu has developed with John to continue! This would just be too good to be true!! Go Als Go!!!

NO. You guys are already scaring your neighbors with your upgraded O-Line and Omelette-powered running game. Any more improvements and your Riders will be in danger of making the playoffs.

STOP I say. :beaver:

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I hope you’re right Gridiron Girl. Zach will sleep better knowing that our line will have one less terror to guard against this summer.

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