Steinaur Released

Another long time Argo is gone in the form of Orlondo Steinaur. It must have been difficult for Coach Stubler to do this to a very loyal foot soldier.

No replacement has been named...the Argos are sinking...

A sad day for Argo fans. Orlondo was one of the most popular guys IMO.

As for replacing him you need someone who understands how to cover the deep ball and know when to come up and play the run.
Orlando was one of the best doing this in the CFL.
I would think Ken Wheaton or Chuck Winters would move over. But maybe Willie Pile could move back and be replaced by Adrian Mayes. The one thing any of these guys could improve on Orlondo would be a bigger wallop coming up to support the run tackling. Other then that I don't see the improvement. But if that's all the changes I'm disappointed. The safety position wasn't the problem IMO.

Wheaton's being moved to Free Safety. Pete Hunter was added to the practice roster

Yeah, Stubler was on Prime Time and that Kenny Wheaton was moving over to give them somebody who could come up and put a lick on the opposing ball carriers. Wheaton is a hard hitter but he seems hurt his shoulders a lot, it will interesting to see if he can stay healthy.
Stub says teams are playing a lot of tight end sets against the Argos now, so they needed a more physical safety.
But if your safety has to come up and make all the tackles the LB's aren't doing their job IMO.

Maybe its time to go back to a 4-3 defense. Find a big stud DT to play along side Belli, Flemons is too light as he's more of a DE IMO.

pete Hunter was great in the play off a few years ago in seattle,he had only been on the team for a week b4 also

and he was the starting CB for the Cowboys in 04

I was wondering how Argo fans felt about this. I liked him.