Steinauer returns to the Ticats

Great move. Tip o the cap to whomever made it happen.

So what’s he gonna do to help? And with Orlando back, what does he do? Are there any other teams with a dedicated Assistant Head Coach?
I’m kind of hoping he’s a involved with everything to some degree.

Game management I hope.jones lacked clock management skills and cfl rules awareness.Orlondo knows the league inside and out

I thought they were grooming Glanville for that role, once Jones decides to retire.

Glanville is not even mentioned or pictured with the rest of the coaching staff let alone having duties or a position . ???

It only took us one lost season to make everything right again! Ok, maybe half a season to do what made sense in the first place.
In the end, I guess at least they finally got it right.

Yeah, the one person this announcement might be bad news for is Andy Fantuz, who seemed to have been Jones' de facto "CFL whisperer" on the sidelines.

To me, this move is all about assurances to Steinauer that the wait to become head coach will be much shorter now that Austin has moved upstairs.

The one area of concern with the re-signing of Jones was the lack of a succession plan, and that now appears to be solved.

I am interested to see what will happen to coach Lolley. Staying as D Coordinator or bumped out???
Just saying that this reminds me a little of coach Steph Ptaszek and “the writting is on the wall” arrangement he went through last season.

  1. LOL....Good one !!! :wink:

Do we really need all of these coaches and all these people on the management team??
Keep this up and we will have more off field staff than players.

I suspect all will not be here by the beginning of the season....wonder who will no longer be here..

There seems to be a CFL spending war on coaches, management and operations staff - but sorry players - we can't possibly pay you any more which is why we had to release you all just when you were due for that bonus or would be expecting a raise.

What's next? Are TSN going to having a coach's cam as a picture-in-picture full time during telecasts of all the games - so we can all watch the coaches all game - since it seems that is where the league is spending the bulk of its revenues.

(There is a thread on the rapidly ballooning expenditures on those sort of things on the main CFL board).

Good question....I'm wondering that too!!!

A lot of the restrictions on players' salaries are because of the cap....

As far as I know...there is no such thing affecting coaches and management...

That's kind of people's point. If teams are so strapped for cash that they needed to implement a salary cap on players, where are they finding all this cash to pay the coaches and management?

Lolley out and Glanville in as DC. Orlondo will be busy mentoring the mentor... :o

Part of the reason for a salary cap is to level the playing field between those teams that are well funded and those that aren't...much like other leagues that have employed a similar method....

Steinauer (and/or his family) must have been desperate to leave Fresno State for him to agree to be a part of his messed-up structure.
I see this as a step back for Steinauer as he is upstaged by a 76 year old gimmick coach with zero CFL coaching experience, and to me, this sets up a perfect opportunity for split loyalties within the defense as Glanville's road show and gimmickry get stale (and they will).

Glanville has forgotten more defensive schemes than most coaches. I suggest we give him an opportunity before we condemn his coaching abilities. Think positive...

That expression comes up a lot. Not sure why it’s presumed to be a positive, especially for a fellow of his advanced age.

Well Glanville should learn a lot in the next 2 years. He will be all primed up when he is 78 with the required CFL knowledge to succeed.