Steinauer returns to the Ticats
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“This was a big decision for our family, and I’m unbelievably excited to join the Tiger-Cats and June Jones’ staff as his assistant head coach. Our family has spent the vast majority of our lives in Southern Ontario together and the opportunity right now in Hamilton was perfectly aligned with my personal and professional priorities, which obviously include bringing a Grey Cup back to the great fans of the Tiger-Cats,? said Steinauer in a statement.

“Orlondo is an accomplished CFL coach with a great track record at this level. He’s a coach whose great work ethic, intelligence, knowledge of the Canadian game and ability to get the most out of his players will be a huge asset to our staff,? said Ticats head coach June Jones in a statement.
“We’re very happy to bring him home to Hamilton after an exceptional year at Fresno State. I know these decisions are always big for coaches and families, and I’m thrilled as the head coach that someone of Orlondo’s character and talent is joining the staff as my assistant head coach. This is a great thing for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats organization. After speaking with him at length and from talking to people in the organization, including some of the players, I know this addition will help us in our quest to bring a Grey Cup Championship back to Hamilton.?

That's absolutely fantastic! I'm stunned actually! Didn't think he'd back so soon. He had a great year @ Fresno State.

This is great news!


To me, this is the best news this off season by far. Absolutely fantastic. Our future head coach is coming back. Welcome, Orlondo.

Great news! Assistant Head Coach ................ I wonder what his duties will be considering we have a defensive coordinator. Great addition and the players play hard for him.

I see now why BIG TEDDY signed so soon before becoming a F/A elsewhere!

Orlondo will be a huge asset to Coach Jones and vice versa to Coach O's Coaching career!

One of the Biggest signings of the Off Season for us!

I hope Lolley is retained as DC. I really liked Lolley's attacking style of defence, and so did the players, I think.

Regardless, all of the players loved Steinauer, so this hire will only help the team.

I give a lot of credit to Bob Young for spending the cash to bring the best coaching talent to the Ticats.

IMO, Steinauer was promised the title of HC when Jones eventually packs it in.

And to make our day even better

The Arblows now have no DC or OC with both Chamblin and Brady bailing on them! ;D ;D

Argos offensive coordinator Marcus Brady to leave for NFL job

And you never know, Tommy Condell could bail on them a week before training camp.

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[ltr]LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!!! Coach O is back!![/ltr]

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[ltr]Oh man[/ltr]

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[ltr]Woooooooooowwwwwww #GreyCup see you soon![/ltr]

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What a Great relationship bridge by the Cats . Steinauer returns and is now even in a better place coaching wise and will be tutored as Jones replacement in years to come .

As much as the Cats have had their problems on the field early last year they have fulfilled their mandate by supplying the ammunition to compete next year right out of the gate . They have also placed themselves in a better position by having someone in place to inherit the head coach responsibility when the timing is right .

No reason for anyone not to buy tickets they are working hard in competing next year and years to come.

Absolutely I thought the same thing - didn't think he'd return so soon - if at all - but I'm sure not going to complain about having him back on the Ticats staff! :smiley:

What a surprise, Totally awesome ??

Chamblin hasn't left for sure - he was looking for a job in the States but if he can't find one in the area he wants to be he could return. That being said, Steinauer is going to be a great asset to the team and Brady of course is definitely gone.

Still waiting for all those that said "If Austin is back I wont be renewing my tickets" - if that's the case I expect attendance to be sparse

Hey Ti-Cats wake up

Future Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

This is a great signing. Young HC talent and vision for the future.
Welcome back Orlondo!

Happy to see Orlando back. Would now like to see an updated coaching org chart with responsibilities laid out. Right now it seems to be really weird with the latest two additions. No real responsibilities articulated for us mere mortals.

No duties or position listed for Glanville