Steinauer Released

8) Well, Mr. Steinhaur deserted the TiCats several years ago for exactly the same reason that the Irishman deserted our team, that reason being $$$$$.
 So why would we want him back here any more than we would want O'Shea back now ????             <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

would be a great veteran addition.
anyone remember what paul bennett brought here after winnipeg gave up on him?

hold on tipper! i thought we traded stienhauer and lapointe to argos for oshea.

people let's get our facts straight please steinhauer was a great player here and i was pissed when we made that trade.

I’d take him in a heartbeat.

I'm trying to think what teams might be interested.

Also, would teams look at playing him at defensive halfback (where I believe his career began?) or only at safety?

My speculation below considers potential fits at safety:

Montreal: Appear to be set with the return of Boulay, and in general I think they want a non-import at free safety.

Winnipeg: Malveaux seems to be a lock.

Saskatchewan: Definitely would be an upgrade, but both their current safeties are non-imports.

Edmonton: Goss has looked good. They didn't suffer too much when they were forced to shuffle and put former NFLer Shabazz in at safety against the Riders last week.

Calgary: Wes Lysack has been a steady performer and had a monster game against B.C. last week. Steinauer could be an upgrade, but maybe not enough to justify the risk of making changes. Ratio favors non-import Lysack here.

B.C.: Miles is a perennial division all-star, but at 36 may not have many years left. Still that's only 1 year older than Steinauer. 2nd year non-import Crawford has played well. Can't see Wally being interested.

Cats have Glasper, and we drafted Barker. I wasn't sold on Glasper earlier this year, but for the most part I think his play has been pretty good. Steinauer is probably an upgrade, but the Cats might not want to shake up a defensive backfield that has been perhaps the most improved area of the team this year. Cats seem set at starting an import at safety until Barker gets his shot (could this realistically happen next year?). I could imagine bringing Steinauer in, but I suspect the Cats like the way Glasper has developed and will stick with him the rest of the year.

Of course, my discussion above pretty much ignores the possibility of a team bringing Steinauer in to play halfback. Does he still have the speed for it at 35?

I think the most logical team to be interested would be Saskatchewan. Montreal seems to have a general tendency to vacuum up free agents pretty often, but I don't see Steinauer fitting Montreal's plans.

8) The actual trade that took place was O'Shea coming to the Cats for Eric Lapointe and the playing rights to Orlando Steinhauer.
Steinhauer had become a free agent that year, and refused to sign a new contract with Hamilton for the money that they had offered him !!!

The Cats then traded his rights to Toronto, who subsequently signed him to the money that he wanted !!!

The Cats could not afford to re sign him at that time for the money he wanted !!!

So in reality, he left here for more money from the Argos !!!!
8) Oh I agree emms1, he was one of my favourite players here also. I was probably just as livid as you when we did not re sign him !!!!

Cant Blame these players for going for the money, i like the Rivalry but Give the guy a break, if he made $100,00 more over 5 seasons good for him, Imo if he can help the D get better , Why not try to sign him?


Good research on all the teams and their safety situation. I forgot about Barker. He may be the future for the position, but in the short term, it would be a good idea to sign Steinauer, for the duration of the year. We need help on defense. This could give us a push for the playoffs!!

The odd thing about Steinauer going to the Argos for more money was the fact that at that time the argos were broke and being supported by the rest of the league.I never understood how the Argos could afford more than the Cats.(The Cats were in rough shape also but still self supporting)

If he was a free agent, we could not have traded him or his "rights" to Toronto. Memories fade sometimes, but I thought Steinauer was trying out in the NFL that year, so what we traded was his rights for the last part of that season in the event he did not make it.

Also, I don't think he started his career with Hamilton. I'd look it up in his bio, but unfortunately the CFL staff seems to be ultra-efficient in deleting players' info the minute they are released.

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Steinauer would be an upgrade for the Cats secondary. He isn’t as good as he’s been but he’s still a very good player. If money isn’t an issue for the Cats, I think they’d be crazy to not get him into their lineup.

An Argo-Cat fan

Steinauer started his career in Ottawa and the 'Cats picked him up in the dispersal draft. As for signing with the Argos, he had made a verbal commitment to the 'Cats and at the last minute decided to sign with the Argos. I remember Lancaster was ticked off at the time because he thought Steinauer's word was good.

Can he still play?If yes get him in here! If he can still compete he could help alot! Then get him in before someone snags him! :wink:

Good thoughts, minor corrections...

We didn't just "pick him up" from Ottawa, we "snapped him up in a heartbeat" because he is a great player, if, at this point, a tad overaged...

When he left us, we were having big issues on meeting the payday bills, and if the team had crashed, it might have meant financial disaster for the can't blame him there!

I expect that Orlando understands that his career is coming to a close as a player, but also figure he knows the Argo's inside out, and could coach our guys on just what to do to beat the hated "blues", let alone give our #1 draft pick some coaching and clues...

All respects to Glasper, but if Orlando was #2 to him, or vice versa, well, the team comes first....


Keep in mind he was part of the Stubler defence.

Steinauer coming to this defence with no pass rush...

I dunno. Is he 35?

hmm good point.

i'd still prefer him over Glsper though, plus he is veteran, and some people seem to be blaming losses on the large quantity of youth we have, well this is a chance to get a proven veteran.

But I think the point is to nurture this young core as a unit as much as possible.