Steinauer Released

Emptied locker today. Technically put on waivers but Argos dont want any part of him or his salary as it becomes guranteed soon.

Let the "let's bring him here" and "dont sign other teams' castoffs" threads begin...

Another reason why the Argo's are headed for a 4th place finish in the East, in 2008.



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  • paul

too bad for him but he would be the best safety, hands down the cats have had since hitch. so much for that whole "family" b.s. the argonauts try to preach.
if they're trying to dump, why not dump the irishman in the middle?


O'Shea gives Irishmen a bad name.

He is a true "pantload".

Ticats should sign him and put Glasper on practice roster for rest of season, then take another look in camp next year/IMO

When is a players contract guranteed in the CFL.

i think after labour day?

after 8 games so this year before labour day

Glasper is not that bad..

We really Can't afford Steinauer

i'd be fine with signing steinauer, just last season he was second in the league with 8 ints

This move will either make the other players take notice or it may backfire entirely....I expect the latter.

I feel a third blow-out in the 'Cats favour on Labour day..........

Oh I kind of think you are correct there, gill.

I think he would be a great aquisition. Can you imagine, sign him before labour day. He would make the blue team pay for letting him go. Their loss is our gain!!!

it would be nice to see orlando to come back home where he started his cfl carreer

Why can't we afford him?
Once he clears waivers any team can negotiate any deal with him.
It would make sense for him to just move up the highway.
He would be an upgrade.
The Argos just are trying to save money because his contract is guaranteed after 1 more game.

This is where the Cats could cut Printers this week if they think he is not the man, and save the balance of his huge contract.

The guy is a good player. I wonder why the Ar— would release him. Must be politics? Anyway if this is legit, if we can afford him, the Cats should try and sign him quick. I can see him being picked up right away.

Which begs the question: should we bring him here or not?