Steinauer played the defense like a violin!

Hats off to Orlando for a beautifully called game. His bend but dont break style kept the Argos out of it and ate up a lot of clock. Well played coach!

He been a very good DC for the cats agree

Very well played game. The defence is just bad ass! I’ll have to watch the pvr but from what i saw being at the game the Defensive game plan he called looked kinda vanilla? Which is just a testament to how good these guys are.

From where I was sitting, it looked like they played zone too much, and let Harris rack up the underneath and intermediate routes for far too much yardage. Then again, I don't know how well we would have been able to cover their receivers man-to-man...

That was the beauty of it! Give them the slow, grinding underneath stuff that eats clock without giving up big plays. That secures the lead and doesn't give the opposition the chance to get back in it.

Yes exactly. At one point the Argos took seven minutes off the clock to score 3 points. (And that was ref assisted imo) especially when they’re down by 19 or more, that’s a great trade.

Harris had a quick release so the rush would not work as well. I think what the D tried to do was try to limit the yac yards after the catch.

The front seven were total beasts last night. The secondary stepped up when they had to.

Tip of the hat to Orlondo and his crew. :thup: :thup:

While I'm not sure (yet) that I'm a fan of dropping the DEs into coverage, it does mean that the opposition doesn't have a clue who's going to be rushing them. It definitely means the runningbacks can't just look at the defence and figure out pre-snap who they'll have to pick up. Not sure if one of the front four dropped off on that sack by Washington, but the fact that the runningback had to decide which of two players coming from the right he had to take is a good indication that the blitz packages are working.

As I said, I'm not sure - yet. But I'm starting to be convinced.

Part of the plan is to confuse the opposition and put some doubt in their minds.

I didn’t like all those completed passes by the blue team. But, the final score is a good indicator of how well it worked. Orlondo’s group kept them under 20 points.

I would not want to see a steady diet of this. But with Harris getting the ball away quickly, I guess it needed to be done that way.

for me its let the big dogs eat. there is other ways to keep the Offense on their heals.
watching Norwood get toasted by the TE or FB for 45 yards was painful

My favourite part of Orlandos defense is how NOBODY wants to run against our dline anymore :lol:

You know how easy it is to defend against a 1 dimensional offense game in and game out???? :thup: