Steinauer Gets Badly Exposed

Had to laugh at the TiCat apologists raving about what a wonderous DC Steinauer is. But the cold hard reality is that Steinauer's nothing more than a DB position coach masquerading as a DC.

The guy still has no clue how to scheme a DLine. The Argos did him a massive favour last week by inexplicably giving their RB only two carries. Not to mention, Toronto's offence had only 6mins of possession in the 2nd H.

This week the Riders running game completely trucked the TiCats. That was some of the worst run defence I've ever seen. Steinauer had no idea how to stop it. Even when everyone in the stadium KNEW a draw play was coming on 2nd-and-18 the TiCats STILL couldn't do anything about it.

Hamilton might as well have had Pete Pigskin call the defence today. It's not as if that guy served any purpose at the Grey Cup. Sure didn't notice him leading any Oskee Wah Wah chants. Maybe the TiCats just brought him to march as a clown in the Grey Cup parade. Either way, thanks for coming out, Pete Pigskin. Ad you could witness firsthand the total destruction of the feeble TiCats.

There is, I think, no question but that George Cortez outcoached Orlondo Steinauer yesterday. Similarly, Richie Hall outcoached Tommy Condell. .. add to that the fact that the Riders' personnel is superior to Hamilton's across the board, and you get the result we saw yesterday. The outcome of the game was never in doubt at all.

The only flaw in your post, Area51, is caused by your blind hatred of Steinauer.

Yes, as I said, he got schooled yesterday. He is not the #1 defensive coordinator in the CFL, no question about it.

But, you said:

That simply begs the question; WHY did the Toronto offence only have 6 minutes of possession in the second half of the eastern final?

Two reasons; one is that Condell outcoached Jones and ran an effective ball-control offence.

The second reason is that every time Toronto did have the ball, they went 2 and out. Why?

That's on Steinaeur's defence. They did a masterful job in that second half.

Now, one good half does not make Steinauer a genius.

But you do have to give credit where it's due.

Two teams at very different stages of their program. Hamilton was a young team full of rookies and those rookies could not match the output of the Riders a "purchased team".

Steinauer has been a great player in this league and is where Richie Hall was a decade ago at this point. He still did much better than the guy he replaced and he has a bright future IMO.

Sore losers are ugly but to be a sore winner that takes a specially pathetic individual.

No matter who won yesterday, this moron of a poster was going to target someone on the losing side and claim they were 'exposed'.
This has become quite predictable and the schtick very tired.

I like it best when I see zero replies to his posts.

Look, the Riders were clearly the better team in just about all facets of the game and coaching, they were on top of their game and took advantage of the breaks. Congrats to them and the entire organization. We were not and are not yet at their level but am confident the Cats will be champs in the next year or two.

I think the TSN guys really hit the nail on the head when they pointed out that the last 3 or 4 Grey Cups, the team with more collective Grey Cup experience has won, and the Riders had close to double the experience than Hamilton. I don't think you can really fault Steinauer, his team just got outplayed on the whole.

Amazing that the Ticats even made it to the game with all the rookie starters in their lineup. Tasker, Elingson, Gable, Banks, Figeroa Murray, Davis, Breaux, Hobbs, Plesius, Norwood, King, Boudreaux.

Extremely impressive and their future looks very bright.

It is impressive. If you go back to early in the season and watch a game, and then watched a playoff game, they look like a completely different team. I thought Gable was junk early in the year, and he kept impressing as the season rolled along.

As I said earlier, Steinauer is a DB coach. Attacking him with the pass - - as Toronto did in the EDF - - plays right into his strength. Go at his defence with the run and he's got no clue how to stop it because he doesn't understand DLine schemes. Have you noticed how many times Hamilton got to opposing QBs this year?

When you only give the RB two carries - - as Toronto did in the EDF - - I guarantee you're going to be dominated in time of possession. Have you noticed what the time of possession was in the Grey Cup?

To be fair though I dont think any defensive coordinator outside of Saskatchewan and maybe Montreal know how to stop the run in this league. There is a reason why teams with good running games, ie Saskatchewan and Calgary, did exceptionally well this year. I expect there to be some adjustments made in the off season to counteract the start of a new trend of running football teams in this league.

And yet Area5.1 your team lost against the Ticats. What happened Area5.1 . Your coachs get out coached? :rockin: I mean they were badly exposed for their inept play calling.

Are you trying to imply that “my team” is the Argos?

First thing I said after the EDF was how terrible Toronto’s coaching was - - both on offence and defence. If you need a repeat of why Toronto lost the EDF just go back and read my previous post.

Well, actually, truth be told, he didn't have to imply it.

You inferred it, by flying the Argos' flag as your avatar, until recently.

Beat me to it.

:lol: :thup: