Steinauer focused on building a foundation for regular season

HAMILTON – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are getting ready to play their second of two pre-season games after coming off a 25-23 win over the Montreal Alouettes just a week ago.

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I am disappointed that for the second week, TSN is not showing a Cat's game. Whoever is making these decisions for TSN needs to give their head a shake. Hamilton has been one of the most exciting and successful teams in the CFL over the last 5 years or more - and TSN ignores them! Maybe we need CBC to carry more games?

You’d think they’d want to carry a game in the country’s biggest market. Live attendance may not be good in Toronto but I think the TV numbers are usually strong. And considering it’s way out in Guelph on a weeknight the fans who’d otherwise attend in both cities are more likely to stay home and want to watch. At least Argos are live-streaming on their website