Steinauer finalizes Ticats 2020 coaching staff

Mike Gibson is the new Oline Coach

Orlondo Steinauer finalizes Ticats 2020 coaching staff

[tr][td]Orlondo Steinauer[/td]
[td]Head Coach[/td]

[tr][td]Tommy Condell[/td]
[td]Offensive Coordinator & Quarterbacks[/td]

[tr][td]Mark Washington[/td]
[td]Defensive Coordinator[/td]

[tr][td]Jeff Reinebold[/td]
[td]Special Teams Coordinator[/td]

[tr][td]Mike Gibson[/td]
[td]Offensive Line[/td]

[tr][td]Jim Barker[/td]
[td]Offensive/Special Teams Assistant & Personnel Consultant[/td]

[tr][td]Robin Ross[/td]

[tr][td]Randy Melvin[/td]
[td]Defensive Line[/td]

[tr][td]Craig Butler[/td]
[td]Defensive Backs Coach & Special Teams Assistant[/td]

[tr][td]D.J. Harper[/td]
[td]Running Backs[/td]

[tr][td]Jarryd Baines[/td]

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Jim Barker is a good member on the coaching staff. He impressed me with his interactions with the players last season.

However, I was thinking he might go back to the Argos and Pinball. Would have been a good addition to their staff in terms of experience in administration.

  1. Jim Barker is indeed a great member of our coaching staff, and we are fortunate to have him !!

Not only a great person, but when you add in his football connections south of the border, it makes

Jim Barker a very valuable coach to have also . :slight_smile:

Well said Tipper ! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the dude of many years)

When Gibson was OC here he put up some big numbers with Glenn. First time in a long time the offense was vaguely dangerous.

Inexplicably left at the end of 2010. Something about a girlfriend.
Edwards was fascinated by some stories, wouldn’t leave them alone.

This was not one of them.

Pound for pound, it must be one of the more experienced coaching crews in the CFL. And yet still not dominated by old men (i.e. the ones whose badge of honour is to have “forgotten more about football than…” something or other).

I think the environment in Hamilton right now is quite enticing to stay in right now.

We have a great:

  1. Fanbase
  2. Facility
  3. Coaching environement
  4. Management team
  5. Players and QBs
  6. Stable Ownership

Why would anybody want to leave this type of culture for a team like the Argos with a lot of uncertainty?