Steinauer a candidate for U Washington DC Job

Before this gets shot down.

  • He's from Washington
  • the job pays $1m per year (according to lalji).
  • He's connected to the HC and OC
  • they've already announced position coaches but not the DC.

Personally I think it's more than likely his last game here. Let's hope it's a memorable one.

Agreed. If he goes out, lets hope it's with a bang.

Condell for HC?

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Not sure. Reinbold has a lot more experience, but his head coaching record isn't the best. I would say Mark Washington seems the most motivated.

All 3 of them would be options if Orlondo quits again

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That would be a step backwards for Orlando. He should pass on that insult of a job opportunity

How about financially?

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It ain't about the money. You leave a job for a promotion, not for a step down opportunity. Steinauer has proven his capability as a good quality head coach. He paid his dues as defensive coordinator, all-star player and CFL HoF. Asking him to come for an interview is an insult. Why doesn't he get an interview for the U of Washington, USC, Notre Dame HC gig? He deserves that much. If that was me, I'd tell the school to shove their lowly position.

Could they all not have waited until after the Grey Cup to start negotiating his move to Washington . The players will now get wind of this and it's not positive and not motivation . A lot of players like JG love playing for ORLONDO and many will likely leave in free agency now.
Very selfish act on Orlondo to not tell Washington ..I can talk to you after the season.
Coach O made very many poor decisions since his ill prepared Grey cup loss.

He sure does not walk on water and the term in Olondo we trust no longer applies after this poorly managed season. His handling of the oline , running back , running game end kicking situation are two examples of poor management.

No you wouldn't. You would be too mature for that.

I dunno he is a argo fan

We’re in the Grey Cup FFS… a little positive….


Everything in life is about money with pro sports. This is a Million $$ stepping stone to a HC gig somewhere in the US where he could make a CFL’S careers worth of $$ in 3 or 4 years. What’s not to like? As much as I’d hate to lose Orlondo, I wouldn’t blame him for leaving for that kind of money. If it does work out there will always be opportunities in the CFL.

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He's been head coach for 2 years and the Cats have been in the Grey Cup for those 2 years . You embarrass yourself with those comments .


Some people seem to use this forum as a platform to show how completely out of touch with reality they are. Sad, isn't it?


I've been having trouble, this week, connecting to TSN videos, so haven't heard, exactly, what's in Crash's link. However, when O's being written about, in detail, right at the universiy in Seattle, my bet would be that he'll, soon, be on his way.

Well, the Ticat players and us, as fans can’t worry about this. We have no control what happens after the season. All we can do is focus on this game and hopefully the Cats can bring home a Grey Cup


$350k Cdn vs $1m US.

Where do I sign?


He can be an asset in terms of sending talent north if that opportunity presents itself.

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I certainly don't want him to leave, but it's a lot more money, and it's his life. I would certainly take that job.

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