Stegall's decision

Rumour here is that this week we should know if Stegall is staying or going, I'm willing to bet he takes the pay cut which they will need him to do and he stays another year.

Agreed. Mr CFL right now all the way, watching him walk onto the field at IWS is a treat, well, as long as he doesn't play that well for the games agains't us!

but he always plays well against you guys. lol. and every other team for the matter. lol. if he takes a pay cut i got nothing against him coming back, but as a bomber fan i am tired of the drama the last few years. i love everything he means to the city and team and know he is easily one of the greatest.

...well said footballmad...and i agree totally about the ...will he....won't he.. scenario....BUT you know Milt loves it and likes to keep everyone on edge....especially guys in the oppositions secondary :wink: i think we'll hear in a few days.... :roll: :roll:

Out here we call that a MEDIA HOG! :wink:

,,,he's a 'spot-light oinker' alright...and likes the attention....but i wished he'd make up his mind so we can start formulating plans for 08... :wink:

exactly a guy like him postponing his choice is reallly hurting tamans ability to sign our free agents


As far as I am concerned this is a non-story. Milt has consistently done this and nobody really cares but him. I find it interesting that there is this discussion now about will he won't he should he, etc and yet there was the discussion of how he handled the media after the grey cup game.

I say don't make it bigger then what it is and that is a passing by line in press release.

Well If I were Taman I would let him take his time and you get a couple of guys in camp that might be able to replace him just in case he decides to pack it in. No big hurry.

If I were Taman, I would say anything and just assume he is gone. If he doesn't sign before the 15th. The guy is getting an attitude like Moss and Owens....come on he is athelete.... conference scheduled for this afternoon....

11:30. just minutes away.

The legend returns, Bad news for everyone else but the phenomenal milt stegall returns. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT grey cup return for winnipeg with Glenn we win. MILTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO

He's back for another year don't know the contract though

MILT IS BACK! this could very well be the year

cue the music.......

Man I wish he played for the Cats. :frowning:

NO KIDDING!!!! :thup:

I've been saying that for years! :wink:

Yes, the Turtle Man will be back for another year, plus he's got a new kid on the way. Congratulations and thank you Mr. Stegall! See you in 2008.

P.S. he signed a one year contract plus an option.