Stegall's armpit comment

I'm really surprised his idiotic comment a few months ago hasn't been played up more now the Labor Day weekend is upon us. My hope is the fans really get on him. It seems the only thing bigger than this guy's ego is his mouth, so he is sure to start beeking off. Will this throw him off his game?

What comment was that?

stegall said saskatchewan is canadas armpit, or something like that.

i posted the article here months suprised anyone remembers this..haha

I am sure now the Rider fans will not let Milt off this comment! Go get Rider Nation make him feel uncomfortable! His mouth is as big as his ego! :lol: I think he deserves thee Hank Burris welcome do you not think!

lol - thanks for the memories! I had forgotten about that comment.....guess it gets lost with the "banjo" comments taking top billing....

:lol: Yeah, they must compete for the title of dumbest player. I think it's too close to tell.

hey JM02, are you coming down for the game?

Wish I was.....Nothing beats Labour Day in Regina!! Tried to get tix the first time around, but they'd already sold out, then made alternate plans for the weekend, so I was "booked" by the time the new set went on sale.....but we'll be down there before the season is over!

u havent been to one game this season???

Haven't had the opportunity, friend.....

Too bad, well best wishes to you this weekend.

I heard from a guy that Glenn called Regina a back water hole! I believe the guys name might be McMahon! :lol: Come on rider nation let them have it! :lol:

***** Start Riot**** Now! :lol:

One thing you can not do is a fool a Rider fan!

Is this guy not wearing green?

:lol: Very funny.

Turning in to a Bomber fan are you? I guess I'll have to start calling you Troy.

Hey! Rocky you have to read the posts here I am in fact saying the Riders will win. I just put that in there to make fun of those loyal rider fans! But to call me a Bomber fanouch that really hurts! I feel dirty and ashamed now! That is below the belt!

Schmegal :lol: :lol: Got to like that one!

Awww c’mon 05. We know how bad you want to cheer for the Bombers. Like the adage goes, “like (papa), like son.” :lol:

Well you dad is in the sauce way to much and he goes color blind. He actually thinks the blue and gold is red and white :lol:
I told him to get rid of that still but he keeps it under the porch and says it is a smoker for the big misquitos! But Mongo the last team I would cheer for is wearing blue and gold! Never liked this team and never will! The next team also wears gold hmmm who would that be.
Nice try though pappa, hank and of course pigs can’t fly piggy would be proud of you!

You can not fool those guys as well!

why are the rider fans compairing Atlanta to Regina? ?'d perfer a nice *** to a hairy armpit.

i would prolly call down Regina to if i couldnt win there if i was a player :stuck_out_tongue:

Congradulations BMG on the Rider win!

thx 05 :wink: