Stegall's 100 yarder on ESPN homepage

Story and video.


i was watching the game and i was so sad that we lost and then i just said to my friend were gonna make the td and we did!!! we were yelling so loud and cheering.!!!

how does edmonton not play like 5 guys about 30 yards deep and prevent this sort of thing?

it boggles the mind.

The Beagle had two guys on him, but he was just too fast for them!

Someone on defense screwed up royally…

i was still cursing glenn and his "quest for an extra yd" and the fact that we lost a game that was ours when lo n behold, glenn to stegall for a 100 yd td during the last play of the game! how sweeeet!!! i was high fiving everyone and jumping around the living room. the was one of the best bomber wins i've seen in years. GO BLUE!!! 4 n 2!

it was very impressive

I was also cursing Glenn for trying for the extra yardage and thinking how the Bombers will be regretting this loss, then…elation, especially against those cheatin’ Eskimos!

You gotta have faith in #35.

That would be #85.

... i hope we can talk Milt into coming back for another year......he looks great and the way he's playing now...he's got lots left in the tank...keep er goin' Turtle man'

He does look like his tank, is still full, I have a feeling that this is Milt’s last year. Being away from the Family his hard on the man…

I was at my friends place and after the first 2 plays fell shortwe turned off the tv and I was going to leave. So I get into my car and hear "and Milt Stegall will go all the way"

Instant Classic...