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...or let the guy decide for himself. Just a thought.

or let him see how valuable he is to the city and team, he will still make his own discision its just something that may persuade his wife when he asks can i play another year.

Sask Fans always have to put every topic about any other team down its stup!d everyone on this forum has let you guys say what you want about Grey Cup Champs and didn't dis you about it but every topic about anything else is always like no you can't do that, that might make your team better next year... like who cares like who ever signs Dickenson not like you have to worry its that team that has to worry about his salary hit on the team.

I'm not putting it down at all...what I'm saying is that if he returns next year, the right reason for returning will be that he made the decision on his own, and not because he felt swayed to do so.

Try to not overreact so much.

He knows how much he means to the team and the fans. We should all just leave him alone so he can think clearly and make his decision.

guys stegall knows what he means to this city, its team and its fans. they made it known at the airport and throught the year. all the greats have to retire and if he so chooses so we all hae to respect and support his decision to move on to be with his family.

He should decide for himself.. Its not fair to have something like that.

Shouldn't this thread be on the Bomber forum instead of the main one?

That awfully thoughtless and a huge bit greedy doncha think?

i agree the man has to decide for himself and their shouldn;t be some online petition to try sway his decision.