It's time for Stegall to take this team on his back and perform in the playoffs. While he has arguably had the best career in the CFL as a reciever, his playoff performances have not been spectacular. He is such an inluence to the rest of the team, that if he can make some big plays the team will feed off this. We need teams to start to fear our passing attack again, which will open room for Charlie.

Come on Milt, this is your last year, go get that Cup!

well it would help if any of ours recievers could catch a pass as they have dropped so many the last couple weeks. and the entire team needs to play hard and feed off each other. looked at the blocked punt, offence went and scored and then defence just shut down the als.

Stegall loses it with sports reporter, wow the pressure is building in the Bomber dressing room, i think with the pressure of this team to show up on Sunday has got to Stegall, plus the fact he might retire and the pressure of the media on why the fans are not buying tickets, Stegall got very angry with a reporter in the dressing room, it was quite interesting. A side of Stegall i have never seen

Milt didn't really "lose it" with the reporter; he was just exasperated with having to answer the same dumb question rephrased and rephrased. The same thing that happened with Ricky Williams last year. They try to be polite and professional, but the media hack just won't let go of the jibbering hook. What he was really hoping was for Milt to come a little unglued and then be able to print some kind of fantastic story about the team spirit and Milt's general mental state heading into the semi-final. Crap reporting. Milt, we're with you 100 per cent, forget the media goofballs.

This reporter had it comming,globle reporters do not have any idea what sport they are covering, time and time again they screw it up just like befor, Milt told it like it was there for the sports world needs to tear it apart and make some thing out of nothing.globle just wanted to get ratings up so they made a big deal out of it.
i say good for you Milt you kept your cool, me i would of knoked his bloke off just because i could have.
all the way Blue

like they showed on tsn he told it as it is... i personally liked his comment about if that reported ever played at any high level of sport and he said jr high and milt just totally made him wish he never said that

wasn't it juniour hockey. milt stegall knows hw to pick his words and the reporter had no chance in beating stegall. i think stegall kept it clean.

Milt was great tonight...'nuff said

Milt has always had the best responces to the medias dumb questions even though the media may have got on his case with asking dumb questions once he retires they are going to miss his snappy comebacks and the best part is he never comes across as a jerk and he always keeps it clean