Stegall to miss training camp

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Milt Stegall has often joked the only guarantees in life are death, taxes, trouble, Milt Stegall always being on time, Milt Stegall always looking good and Milt Stegall always being in shape.

On Tuesday, the 38-year-old slotback added a seventh guarantee to the list: That he won't participate in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers training camp after undergoing knee surgery May 2.

"I had a slight procedure that had to be done to my knee that's preventing me right now from being full go and going through training camp," Stegall said during a conference call. "The powers that be all decided it's best for me not to participate in training camp.

"It (operation) was basically a situation where Milt Stegall has been playing football for a long time and it caught up to him a little bit. There was no tear, I know that much."

The veteran slotback said there's no timetable for his return.

"I expect to be ready when I'm ready," he said. "No date has been given as far as when I'm going to come back.

"I'm going to be healthy when I'm healthy. We're going to try and get me back but we're not going to rush anything but we're hoping to get me back, of course, sooner rather than later."

Not good news for the Bombers with the season just a month away. Hopefully he'll be in ready to go come opening weekend.

Stegall won't be missed by Bombers. It's Roberts that is the true star on that team, his running gives room for the receiving corps which IMHO is very over-rated. If Roberts gets hurt, the Bombers will be in a world of trouble. Sir Charles is perhaps the most valuable commodity in the CFL at this time. Getting a little old to be carrying the mail as much as he has though.

I can't disagree with you on Roberts but I don't think our receiving corps is THAT overrated, I mean stats don't lie/// that much :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing about Mr. Roberts though is we do at least have competent backup for him. When he was out last year and we put Fred Reid in he played far past my expectations another little firecracker much like roberts.

I like Stegall But I Worry his body can't take the pounding anymore.. Maybe He'll rethink playing this year and Retire.

If He Decides to return and plays well Then More power to him

...Milt will be 'doing his thing' when it counts ...and that receiving record is gonna be his ..when all the dust need to worry... :wink: :slight_smile:

Dad, Milty is getting old sooner or later these little injuries will start to add up. The guy has nothing to prove. Would I miss him as a fan. You bit as much as a eskimo DB. Good luck Milty but he is getting old.

....age is only in the mind my son....Milt will get his record....even if he has to be pushed across the goal-line by Blink...or in some other manner...I think he's got one more good year left in him... soooo..go Uncle Milty.... :lol:

Yes that gas powered walker will get him there. LOL