stegall signs, bombers release bush???

bombers announced that Stegall is playing another year, no offense to the greatest reciever in CFL history, but waste of money, we need Canada and Goodspeed.

As for Davin bush being released, good, he sucks, and Taman is after tay Cody released by the Ti-Cats.

Taman better get his a$$ in gear free agent period is approaching fast and there are not many household names out there (except Canada and Goodspeed)

how do you know tamans after cody?

…Milt is a positive guy to have around…he still has game…and a valuable guy in the dressing room…don’t agree with the waste of money statement…he signed a reduced contract…so the Bombers have some extra coin to sign our fas’…besides saving money from gonzo Hebert…and now Bush and AJ111 …we should have the resources to sign Canada and Goodspeed…IF NOT…Taman better have some good answers…because i believe losing those guys would result in the BigBlue slipping out of contention for the ‘big’ prize…c’mon Brendan…get the lead out… :roll:…the clock is ticking

i also strongly disagree with the waste of money statement...

stegall may not be as fast or as tough anymore... but his instincts, vet moves and awareness really make up for it.... these things are the reason why hes still our best... and still one of the top three recievers in the league...

not to mention he took another paycut this season.... and he has such leadership qualities, what he brings to the locker room is irreplacable...

but i wouldnt mind seeing tay cody here competing at TC... id also like to see clovis here to compete with logan and nugent... has the game experiance, really young guy, turning 26... canadian... three picks three sacks last season... could be a gamer in marshals D

...only problem is James...Cody was cut by the Cats officially....but signed on with the new league in the excited states...kind of puts him on the shelf as far as the CFL goes....not a smart move by Tay.... :roll:

he did sign with them while he was still under contract though papa, so there may be a case there

....never know....he might re-consider his move now that the TiCats have dropped him...He has signed a contract with this new league ...BUT heh what the hell does a contract mean....just ask Warner previously with the BigBlue or Dinwiddie who signed with the Arena league while under contract orrrrr Austin for that matter.. heh heh??? :roll: