Stegall Record

Please vote and respond to it.

If he can't break it against the Ti-Cats, then the record will remain intact.

Serious though. He's due to break it. Ti-cats have to pay attention to Roberts after last week, so that should open Stegal up.

Yeah but even with the Ti-Cats paying attention to Roberts..He will still do alot of damage..and Stegall will probably have 2 guys at least GRABBING onto him.

2 TDs this week for Milt

The minute Stegall breaks the record..the double teaming and triple teaming is gonna stop...its gonan go back to one man on him then he gonna start racking in the td's

I think he probably will break the record against the Ticats, because the past few weeks he's been grabbed a lot. Hamilton can't grab as much, because unlike some other teams, when they do they get penalized for it. So they're less likely to cheat in order to keep Stegall out of the end zone, meaning he's more likely to get open, and is therefore more likely to score.

I still think the Cats will win, though.

Good luck to Milt, he deserves to finally get the record.

Don't forget about the Curse of George Reed (a.k.a. the "Curse of 137")

Mike Pringle knows it well

Some ties are never meant to be broken

And if it is broken, it will be because George allowed it to be so

Are you saying the CFL refs pick on the Tabbie Cats, I agree... I have an inside scoop the refs are being directed by the CFL brain's agenda is to keep SteelTown away from the GreyCup. Don't ask me why...It's to crazy for

He will without a doubt 100% definately MAYBE catch a TD.

How can you vote maybe on a poll like this?

Theres no way he can go this many games WITHOUT a TD so I say yes. Once he gets the record though I agree a lot of this double /triple teaming will decrease but hes still a top receiver so he should still expect it

I hope not. I'm digging the sellouts.

definatley not, Milts gunna be eating the dirt Tay Cody lays him out on all game, Tay’z back n ready to knock milt out again for a second time

yeh either that or maby milt will grab richard karikari by the neck toss him outta the way, grab the ball for a td break the record n get a defensive pass interferance penatly on the same play:) cuz u know that didnt happen in BC or nething .. :S:S?? that was the worste call ever

Yeah and calls like that ONLY happen to the TiCats. Give me a break... :roll:

I am amazing.

i didnt see any dirt in milts mouth today... now ur eating does it taste?(and how is 0-5 treating you)

Now, how long until Stegall gets 150 TD and 15K Receiving yards?

How long until Charles Roberts Becomes top 5 in TD's(currently at 67 with 8 of those being this year, on pace for 28+ TD's this year placing him at 87 in his career)

Scary thought.. Charlie just entered his prime.(He's just 28)
He can be past 100 Career TD's by the time he's 30, especially considering the Bomber Core(Walls, Canada, Glenn, Armstrong, Edwards, Khan) are all 1979 or later)

Not to mention guys like Picard, Fiaconni, Franklin, Nugent, Logan, McKinlay, Hall, Pikula among others are all young aswell, with good time left in their CFL Careers.

So there is no doubt Charlie can have a great team over the next 4-5 years.(rest of his Career)

Charlie Roberts 2nd in Career TD by 2010?(seasons end)(He'd only need to get 1 TD per game until the 2010 season end(meaning 67 games, he'd need 70 TD's in 67 games and remember he's on pace for 28 this year, my guess is he'll have 24 this year(reg season, if healthy))