Stegall re-signs with BlueBombers

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Turtle Man one of the top performers in history of Blue Bombers

One of the greatest players to ever suit up for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers has been inked to a new deal that guarantees he will finish his CFL career in the Manitoba capital.

The football club announced today that fan favourite Milt Stegall has signed a contract extension. As per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“It’s hard to imagine a Winnipeg Blue Bombers team without Milt Stegall in its lineup,� Blue Bombers General Manager Brendan Taman said. “Milt has meant so much to this team, both on and off the field, it’s a no-brainer to want to keep him around. His presence will be a key factor in the resurgence of the team in the immediate future.�

Stegall has been one of the Bombers’ most consistent producers since joining the team as a free agent in September of 1995.

The Turtle Man is the all-time leader in almost every Bomber receiving category including receptions (678), total yards receiving (12,333), receiving touchdowns (126), most 200-yard receiving games (2), most receiving yards in a season (1,896) and most seasons with 1,000 yards receiving (8). He also leads the CFL in TD receptions with 126 and is poised to break the league record of 137 career TDs that is currently shared by George Reed and Mike Pringle.

Stegall showed no signs of slowing down this past season. In 17 regular season games he hauled in 52 passes for 1,184 yards. He led the league in TD receptions (17) and average gain per catch (22.8 yards).

Good job for the bombers luring him out of retirement. I'd assume this is just a one year deal, am i correct?

i wish it would say, but im assuming the winnipeg newspapers will have the details for tomorrows paper.

It odesn't specify the length of the contract. The way Milt was playing this year was awesome and far from being finished. One would think at least a two year pact. Either way good on the Bombers.

...gurantees ..Milt finishes in Blue and Gold.....without him ...well ..I won't even go there... :smiley:

Its great that they signed him. Although I wished he'd be able to end his career with a Grey Cup ring..... :wink:

Poor guy..all those years, no Grey Cup rings. To bad he couldn't hitch on with the Lions or Eskies or Als, then his outstanding wish might be fulfilled! :wink:

Stir, Stir, Stir the pot!

Excellenct! Now hopfully this season will make the Playoffs and give him a good year sefore he retries.

stegall was just on sportsnet and says hes been talkin to players who are gonna be free agents, and is tryin to convince 'certain players' to come to winnipeg and help him get a grey cup ring.

Well he's the right man for the job, the guy is a class act, and I think players will listen to him..
But at the end of the talks better than words, Steagle needs cash support ..for his cause.

stegal says he wants to win the Grey Cup this year...and said he would play for pennies all year, if it meant he would get a grey cup ring...i think he may have signed for less than his value, so the bombers could use the savings to sign FA's, in an attenpt to win him that ring.

Wouldn't suprise me at all, if he played for pennies..hope the money he isn't getting gets to the right peaple.

who should they sign tho?....need defence.

i still feel they should pick wynn or glenn as thier starter...whichever they choose NOT to start...TRADE to fill the point to having wasted assets, especially in a grey cup wynn to sask for sure they could get the most for a QB in sask.

The only problem with trading Wynn, is that it might come back and burn us, the guy does have talent..
Glenn and Wynn should battle for #1 spot, Glenn will prevail with Wynn as #2..
Unless a proven QB lands in the Peg..keep both...that would be our best option..

[quote=“hankthetank”]The only problem with trading Wynn, is that it might come back and burn us, the guy does have talent…
Glenn and Wynn should battle for #1 spot, Glenn will prevail with Wynn as #2

I think Glenn is too unpredictable. Sometimes you see him play and you say “Wow, that guy is amazing” and sometimes you see him play and you say"Why aren’t they playing Wynn?"
I usually ask," Why aren’t they playing Wynn?"
But since I loved him in BC, I am a little biased. :oops:

i still say its better to fill your holes, then have an asset wasting away on the bench until his contract is up, then he walks away and u get nothing.

and they didnt use wynn ONCE all year, last season...when they went to a back-up, they used that other WHY NOT trade wynn to plug holes?...u only host the grey cup 1ce every 10 years or so....gotta go for it ALL right now.

make your choice, then trade the other guy!

The only problem with that is, in this day of the CFL, two QB's are needed..
The way I look at it is , the Bombers still have to bring in somebody from somewhere to challenge #2 spot
Wynn for Crandell ..and there second best Canadian..

wynn and a 2nd stringer of any position for crandell and 2 defensive players....sask would do it too. they would do ANYTHING for a starter quality QB....cuz it could save the jobs of the coach and GM....if it doesnt work, well, the coach and GM are gone anyways.

Depends on the db’s…Canadian talent is a must…Our Bomber brass in the past traded much of it away.
Saving Shivers is a lost cause…Even God couldn’t save shivers…lol

i say its a 'cant lose' situation for the bombers to trade wynn....either they get good talent back for him and they make the playoffs....
they get players for him who dont fit in and the bomber the same spot they are now....missing the playoffs.

gotta take a risk, or stay in the basement again.

We do need a Canadian full back who is big like Regimbold..
He has to have the ability to bend his knee's and get down on short yardage,,
Unless Regimbold hones his skill...thats a hard find..