**Stegall out for season**

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A strained knee sustained in Friday's 23-20 loss to Montreal could sideline the all-star slotback up to four weeks, said Winnipeg coach Doug Berry.

Stegall, who is three touchdowns shy of the mark, will undergo more tests on the knee Monday.

"It's a strained knee, I just don't know how severe or how non-severe," Berry told the Winnipeg Sun.

Stegall, who has pondered retirement in recent years, was injured after taking a low hit from Alouettes cornerback Davis Sanchez.

"It was legal contact," said Berry. "Everybody would rather get hit high and Milt was hit more from the back side and hit low but you can't complain about it because it's football and it's all within the rules."

The Blue Bombers, who are third in the Eastern Division with a 7-8 record, have three games left following a bye this week.

Stegall, who's playing in his 13th CFL season, has been stuck on six touchdowns for three consecutive games.

He is second to Geroy Simon of the B.C. Lions in league receiving with 1,194 yards on 73 receptions.

are the bombers first round roll-overs now?

will they win another game?

no and yes in that order. with the addition of derrick armstrong, and a bye wekk to let people recover from injuries, the bombers will have a fresh start in 2 weeks. it will hurt us not having the turtle man but the bombers will push for the best record they can get.

It's the Curse of George Reed. The Record shall stand.

Curse? ... ooo i dont think its a curse :wink:

Curse of George Reed? I didn't know he cursed the bombers.
As for DG's questions.. yes and yes.

It's not a curse on any particular team. It is merely a holy edict that none shall pass the magic number of 137 touchdowns. Some records are meant to stand for the ages. You can get close, but you can never overtake. Just ask Mike Pringle.

Stegall will come back next year. He talked of retirement because he was tired of playing for perenial losers. But Berry has done a good job so far, Glenn has matured, the defence is revamped and the skies look brighter. Can you really leave when you were battling out the league's best receiver title with Geroy Simon?

One more year for the turtle man...

...Milt could still be back....even for the last games of the reg. season (apparently)..The medical report is strained knee...and no structural damage...Depends on how fast it mends and that will dictate when he returns... :roll:

i see stegall coming back on to the field for the blue and gold before seasons end, can't say it'll be a starting roll. just enough to get him in shape for the first round of the playoffs that the edmonton eskimoes are going to fail to make. as for a return next year it'll take him a long time to think it which he has most liekly been doing all season. this might just be the nail in the coffin for stegalls career. but the turtle amn is tough and just loves to play football so i think he will come back.

If Stegal comes back next year it won't be with the Bombers. He wants a Grey cup ring more than anything and he knows he won't get one with the Bombers.

...that would definitely leave out going to Edmonton :lol: .....He'll be back in bluen'gold next year.. :thup:

papa has it right. did no one here him say he plays cuz he wants to play. he has always loved being a bomber and will till he reitres. He just wants to play football. how many of your allstars can say that ruthfully like stegall?

I've gotta say not too often do you see an athlete loyal to a team for his whole career these days. The likes of Milt Stegall, Jamie Crysdale, Rob Hitchcock and Ben Cahoon are uncommon...

Well, it blows losing Milt but the guys coming back off injury include:

and someone I am missing.....we have had 10 starters out, so actually we will be healthier than ever.

...man ,have we ever been nicked this year...i think we have had another contending team sitting on the sidelines this year pigseye...we've been really hurt on the 'o' line...and that 'll defintely help when they're all back and healthy...This is a tough game ...and every team suffers through a lot of them every year...the Bombers have had more than their fair-share in 06... :roll: