Stegall officially calling it quits, press conference today

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Blue Bombers are calling a press conference for later today.

Good, I couldn't stand the SOB burning us all the time. Good riddance. :cowboy: :twisted:

Seriously, I hope retirement treats him well, he had a great career and it was a pleasure to watch one of the best (except for the many times he burned the Esks). Good luck.

....Milt made more than you guys look silly in his career... i'll never forget the last minute win in Edm. ...with Milt catching the esks. and your coaches contemplating their navels and burning those two dbs....priceless....Now who was that coach who called the defence spread on that one....hmmmmmmmm oh yeah he's now on the Bombers staff ,a guy by the name of Campbell ( however he's learned a lot since then :wink: )

Bombers are gonna miss the Turtleman.... :cry: :cry:

Thanks a lot, I was hoping nobody would bring up that play. Oh well, back to therapy.

Wow, I knew the day was coming but still, I was unprepared and I'm sadden that I will no longer be watching Milt during my beloved Bomber games anymore. THE greatest CFL receiver of all-time and he did it with class and grace and he was just so fun to watch. My personal favorite moment is when he burned Tony Tiller for 4 catches and 4 TDs against BC in '05.

Thanks for the memories Milt!

Hey Stegall...How's all those Grey Cup rings???? :smiley:


It's a joke! Just having a little fun

Happy retirment Stegall, you deserve it!

No more of him torching the Riders! YAY!!!!

Thanks for great memories Milt... now its up to Dressler, Simon, or Copeland to score 100 yd TD's against the 'Schmoes... :lol:

^ When I first read that I thought you meant he score 100 total TDs against Edmonton. I had to do a double take. :lol:

Enjoy retirement, Stegall! :thup:

I'm not sure Copeland can still run 10 yds, Simon can't run past a camera without posing, maybe Dressler.

It would be good if he stayed connected with the league in some way or another, character guys like Milt don't come along that often.

Absolutely. Thanks Milt and good luck.

He said he was gonna be on TSN for 9 games this season.

i might have to change my name...