Stegall-Daley and Defence - Topics to ponder

First and foremost, if the Bombers and their brain trust (how is that for an oxymoron?) ever think of trading away Stegall there will be riots in the streets of Winnipeg. It is very rare a player has the ability to stay in one city for their whole career. Yes I want Milt to win a Grey Cup, but that does not mean that going to another team he will? Just because you get traded to a team that has a better record, does not mean they will win it. Everyone knows that. If the Bomber brass really believe that fans in Winnipeg would get over a trade like that, they would be sadly mistaken. I will be the first to cancel my season tixs and tell them to kiss my a**. Milt Stegall is a Bomber, and will always be a Bomber.

Speaking of kissing my *ss, Daley can line up. I have never heard such a patronizing individual ever! He goes on the radio and complains that the fans don't know anything, and "really just don't understand" "We are rebuilding..." "It will take time..." "They put in a great effort..."My god I hate listening to him. Maybe before I purchased my tickets I should of been informed of this rebuilding, and learning curve. I pay good money for my tixs, and I do not wan to hear a coach of a professional team tell people that they put in a good effort! Good efforts are what you tell your 13 year old. He continues on that he must teach players certain things... actually he is paid to win football games, not to be a high school coach teaching people the skills they need. Daley is just a condescending little man who does not have a clue... Remember the line last year about how putting in Martin would be bad for his confidence if he didn't do well, or by pulling a QB is bad for the confidence and of course QB's have a fragile sense of self (sarcasm on my part). My god, is this man a total moron. Remember Daley, this is PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL.... if you pull a QB and you are worried his confidence will be gone, he should not be a QB...

Now the defence, ouch. Here is the weird thing, you see moments of brilliance out of these guys, then all of a sudden there is a collapse. Doug Brown being out is a huge factor, not only on the run, but the pressure he brings. We do need a dominate DB akin to Bolden, or at least on great cover guy. we do have a good core of people there, and a few will continue to do well.... Samuels reminds me a little bit of Harold Nash, when he came into the league he was just god awful. He new every player in the league because all he say were their numbers and names as they ran past him. Saying that, he did become a very capable player. Though one has to remember that Daley is so high on Wickman "he is great against the run..." ooops.. what happened. I do think the linebacker who had the great couple of games and the stellar preseason who left a few weeks would of been a better option. (Sorry I did forget his name).

There is my little rant for the day before I go out, have a few beers after work to get the required buzz on to watch the game on the tube tonight. I am a sadist to continue watching, but it still is my team.

you mean fells and yes it would be nice if he was still around. and i am not sure if you are suggsting samuels is good or bad. i think he has a lot of potential. one of my favorite bombers dbs right now.

Well...speaking of rebuilding, it'll take time....bla, bla, bla.......They asked Stegall what he thought of that at the beginning of the season.....he was rather upset by that suggestion. I mean, these players are pros, they should know their positions. It should only take a little while in my opinion. If I started a new job tomorrow and kept screwing up, I'd be gone within a month. Milt doesn't buy into the whole rebuilding idea, neither do I. If the coach doesn't know what to do with alot of talent (as in the case of the Big Blue), than he should be replaced with someone who does. He was just hired as a temp anyways after Ritchie was let go. That's management's fault.