Stegall criticizes hockey

Stegall, in my mind should not even be considered a pro-athelete!! He is a disgrace, putting down this nations greatest sport and most importantly the greatest hockey player ever to lace up a pair of skates!!! He has brought nothing but shame to the CFL and even more so to the Blue Bombers organization. I hope that they do something about this and not just let him bash our nation the way he did. I hope someone steps up to his challenge to a fight and gives him when is coming his way.. I've watched him play and quite frankly.. HE SUCKS!!!! If he wants a fight.. tell him to lace up a pair of skates and I'll show him a fight.. It would be my honor.!!!!

You posted the exact same thing on the sportsnet site.

Not sure what this is all about since there doesn't seem to be a whit of context included with the rant.

I think spelling "honor" without the u is insult to all Canadians. So there!

Something to do with Stegall jokingly saying 'hockey isn't sport'. IT was complete tongue in cheek, that's why no big deal has been made of it until this thread.

One of the great things about this Country, is that we are allowed to voice our opinions. If Stegal doesnt like hockey, thats his right!

What is the actual quote by Milt?
Even if he said it in jest, perhaps not, he may be right.
If referring to the NHL, well count me in.
Hockey as we know it and if based on the NHL model is slow, boring, the season is way too long and the players are overpaid bums. Not to mention how we soldout and let a bunch of Americans take over.
Good riddance and you are correct Milt.

oh oh now bullydog is gonna wanna fight you!

RO, lets bring it on and I am sure there are others like me?

I'm with bulldog on this one....I just don't think athletes should do that. I think it's important to show respect for other sports/athletes and it just made Milt look bad.

To say he didn't know who Wayne Gretzky was is ridiculous. I wonder how many people would know who Milt Stegal is in comparison to Gretzky. I mean, you could even say "The Great One" and people would still know who you're referring to.

Classless, even if it was said "tongue in cheek".

you guys truly need to realize something here before getting all upset about it.

Stegall has been and is always going to be a joker! someone who likes to have fun and is playing around.

he comment was not serious in anyway and that’s proof because the media has NOT made a big deal out of it whatsoever!

so perhaps you too should lay off and stop being so crazy about something like that.

I heard it too! but I immediately knew that he was having fun and it was not a serious comment that SHOULD NOT be taken seriously.

it’s clear you truly do not know Stegall very well.

I agree! I find junior hockey more appealing but watching a bunch of million dollar babies well it loses something for me. I have not seen the quote by Milt Stegal but I believe the guy has shown his class and professionalism in this country. It truly is sad that someone would make a post in this manor to discredit one of the CFL's greats.

Sure there are....and Im one of them

haa haa haaa!

that and Canada's greatest (and national) sport is actually lacross. it's just missing multi mil. $ tv deals and 20 some odd american pro teams. lol. I think it's only about 10 american teams in lacross, so half way there!

does this count as trolling? sorry!i'm just jokin around.

Hokey doesn't even come close to being a spectator sport as football does. Iv'e been to many a hockey game in different arena's, but don't seem to get into it as much until the playoffs. Some of the games are very boring and the season is to long. I agree there are boring games in football(many more in the NFL), but not as many. Maybe if sk. had a team of its own I'd find it more intersting, but I don't even pick a team to cheer for until the palyoffs are about to begin.

if stegall did seriously put down NHL and disrespect Wayne, then it does lessen my regard for him, which isnt a whole lot to begin with, but it not such a big thing to get all worked up over.

In my opinion MIlt Stegall should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on playing out the string in Winnipeg.
These Americans with their big mouth attitudes are getting to be a bit much.
Last spring it was Tiger Woods putting down hockey.
The American media hates hockey. And now Stegall says it in our own back yard?
HOckey is five times the game of anything they have down there.
Even with Bettman screwing it up.
Why we sit back and let these foreigners make fun of us and make excuses for them is oh so CAnadian.
I say if Milt doens't like it here, get lost.
But to run down a sport that unlike football is popular in many countries around the world?
Shows how dumb these Americans are.

No, it shows the opinions of a few people. People are so quick to find things to complain about, that they'll make something out of nothing.

I guess you all don't want to hear my opinion of hockey ... it's similar to Milt's I imagine, and I'm 100% canadian. I wouldn't cross the street to see a hockey game. Wayne Gretsky is a fine canadian, who lives and works in the states year round for what, almost 30 years now? Nothing against the guy at all but he's hardly a hometown boy anymore.

Maybe Milt doesn't know who Wayne is, being ignorant of something isn't a crime or a disgrace. I'm a bit of a canadian history buff. I bet I could rattle off 5-6 names, and 90% of you (especially you 20 somethings) would be like 'never heard of him', yet they shaped our country, and were a hell of a lot more important than some guy who pushes a rubber disc around with a stick. Does that make you all disgraces?

tell a USA sports loving citizen that you never heard of Babe Ruth and see what kind of reaction you get.

If they were old men that are huge baseball fans, they might be slightly peeved. I doubt they would want to fight me or strip me of my pro athlete status, or whatever other garbage was suggested in this thread.

I think it's stupid that pro-athletes get the recognition they do. Don't get me wrong, I love my Lions, but I would never put a guy who tackles people, or catches a ball above people who actually did something of value for this country, or humanity.

Wayne Gretsky isn't a hero, he is a great hockey player. That's it. Heroes are the guys who fought on Vimy Ridge, people that shaped our country like Tommy Douglas, people that actually matter.