Stegall and missed catches

I know no one likes to diss Milt Stegall, and he is one of the Bombers leaders, and best players, but he has dropped some key passes the past two games. He dropped two TD passes last game against Toronto, and I counted 3 passes he missed this game that he should have cought.

Let me be clear, I would not expect Kamau Peterson to make the same catches, but we all have a higher standard for Stegall, and the catches he dropped, he has made in the past.

When someone like Stegall is dropping catches, it sets a bad example for the rest of the receiving corps, and maybe thats affecting the other WR's.

Stegall catches the 2 TD passes against Tor, and catches the 3 drops this game against Calgary, and we could have won both.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Stegall fan, but he needs to step up his game and set an example for the rest of the team.

Did you hear Walby say when Michna came into the game that the receivers all felt that he should have been the starting qb based upon his performance in preseason. Now you know Walby is pretty tight with the bomber players, so you have to wonder. I think Stokes was the only receiver to drop a Michna pass that he should have caught, the rest of then started laying out, taking hits and Stegal took that touchdown pass right out of the Calgary defenders hands. The receivers never looked so good from an effort stand point even though they could have just folded the tent. I think they want Michna back there and will play harder for him then our other qbs.

He was not bad good composure but again the Stamps had a few regulars out by the fourth quarter but that should not matter right those guys brought in have to step up their game. He looked pretty good.

RW2005, I thought he looked pretty good too, considering he hasnt played a game since 2003. Gesser had a rough time but your oline was pretty battered and patched up but good to see him get some playing time, although I thought Higgins put him in a little early, guess we can thank Tom for calling off the dogs though.

21 points sure looks better then 8. Thank you Tom.

Yup..thanks tom..