stegall and climie are idiots

stegall "ticats defence is struggling" lmao,,,,,for real?,,,these two guys never won a grey cup,,and i believe are anti ticat,,,,bring it on. oskee wee wee

i usually like Stegall, but Climie is a hoser, eh.

Yah that was pathetic

Funny how they couldn't resist talking about the legal hit yet conveniently forgot to make any mention of the TD disallowed due to 2 blown officiating calls :?

Also seemed like Ottawa is the only team playing or that matters today.

How dishonest of them.

Be happy Stegal the Lawyer is not representing you in a court case! :roll:

That was a bad statement to open the telecast!!! Baaaa,,,,,sheep!

I saw a defense that missed tackles left and right. Sadly the season is over.

Stegall and Climie....DUMB AND DUMBER !!!! Pathetic :thdn: TSN has gotta get these two morons outta there :thup: the two of them make me want to PUKE :x :twisted:

I don't mind Climie, but i do really enjoy Stegall.

And I don't believe it's fair to call them idiots, morons, pathetic, dumb/dumber just because they don't act like shills for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

If you want commentators hired who will make critical observations about each and every team in the CFL with the exception of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, sorry, I'm not with you on that.

Yes … Be REAL happy … 'Cause Climie is the lawyer!

What am I missing here. The defense did struggle.

They gave up over 400 yards and 6 passing TDs.

Have to absolutely agree! (But the offence certainly didn’t help them)

well i posted b4 gm,,,yes they are idiots ,,,,,tonight defence tired,,,our offence couldn't produce the killshot when they had chance

Meant Clime ,

At halftime, Climie was giving our defense credit. What bugged me was how the whole panel's script in the pregame was all about the legal Simoni hit on Burris rather than the two admittedly bogus calls on the Steward touchdown last week.

damn them dare they be human.

If the D played like they did the first half of the season, all other things being equal, ticats have the bye now.

Even before the windy game at THF last week, the Ti-Cat defense gave up 40 points, 373 yards, Harris ran for 119 ayrds all with the Lions' backup QB.

The defense is also second last in sacks, just above Saskatchewan.

The much vaunted D has diminished as the season ended.

defence isnt a worry,,we had a short week goin to bc,,,,stegall saying we are struggling is ridiculous.,,,game was winnable ,,,again our offence dont run the ball offence cost us again,,,yes there are some question marks in our def,,namely stewart,,,etc,,,but we need to score tds when our specials and def get us there. period.

when youre not gettin rest cuz of your complacent undiscipline offence,,,youre gonna tire,,,,see,,,,like,,,ottawa at least runs the ball unlike us

bs,,our defence has kept us in games since collaros injury,(even the edm gm collaros got hurt),,,yeah,,in bc we gave up too much,, i agree we not getting pressure /sacks like start of year,,,but our defence is not our worry,,,seriously? watch a freakin game please!!