Stegal or Climie?

Is it me or is Jock slowly getting pushed out in favour of Milt? Which is fine by me, I think Milt does a great job and there isn't any tension between him and Matty unlike Jock. Anybody heard if Jock is going to get dropped?

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I haven't noticed any tension. Interesting... I'm still undecided on Milt. Some nights he's great, and then other nights he stammers and stutters a lot like it's his first night.

On the subject of the panel guys, anyone else think Matt was a little nervous answering the question about DM? Lot of stuttering, lot of ands. :lol:

I think Jock's on holidays. Funny time to take a vacation though.

I loved Milt last week when he said that the BC offense was lacking it's "Swagger Fagger." He later corrected it to "Swagger Factor," but I thought it was fine the first time around. :lol:

Absolutely saw that out of Matty...

As for Stegall, he's gotten alot better than last year, IMO. Not a big fan of Jock.

I missed that, but that's pretty funny. :lol:

stegall is a better analyst than climie, he will tell you more like it is with every team, dudes a bomber legend, really a cfl legend, more so in winnipeg tho and even he at times will tell it like it is with the bombers.matty is good at that too, so is schultz i guess but sometimes lets his past hate on for the bombers, he played against some pretty vicious bomber stars back in the day.. take over too much.

imo, milt wears a bomber jersey under his suit, as does matty D.. shultz has an argos jersey.. but they generally will tell it like it is on every team. they wont favour their former teams and probably fav teams as much as climie and his love in for the als.

imo, i think it would be great if milt replaced jock permanently.. will it happen? probably not cuz milt probably doesnt want to be away from his young kids and wife any more than he currently is.

dudes a family man, lives in HOTlanta.. dunnigan, schultz, climie even live in the gta. milt flys in for this.

Either that or he's got some legal work that takes precedence over his TSN gig.

Both Stegall and Climie are good. The real problem at TSN is Gord Miller. That guys says something dramatically wrong about once every four comments. He is waaaaay below TSN's quality and shouldn't be allowed to call a game anymore.

Gord Miller? You sure you don't mean someone else? Miller hardly ever calls football games, but when he does he does an excellent job. Almost everyone on every fan board would take him over Rod Black in a heartbeat.

.....he's been trying to get Odell Willis re-instated, so he can play in Canada...what other reason could there be???? :lol:

Stegall by far... I'm sure he will only get better.

I think you mean Rod Black. Gord Miller rarely calls CFL games and is a pro commentator with a good delivery. Black redefines the word 'awful'.

As for Stegall vs. Climie, I'd take Climie right now, because he sometimes provides substantive analysis, whereas Stegall is still learning the job and thus tends to stick to safe, obvious talking points instead of pushing his insights further. But in general, I'm really starting to dislike the fact that the panel never says anything that any serious fan of the CFL doesn't already know a hundred times over.

At some point, TSN needs to ask itself: who is the target audience for the commentary (panel and in-game)? Casual fans with little knowledge of the teams or the game, or knowledgeable fans who don't need to be told that Anthony Calvillo is a future Hall of Fame quarterback 100 times per broadcast? Quality of commentary and analysis is one area where the CFL could really take a page from the NFL's playbook. When I watch an NFL game called by Michaels and Collinsworth, I feel like I actually learn about the game, and specifically about the intricate on-field matchups, whether it be a left tackle working a rush end, a certain type of defensive coverage (its strengths, its weaknesses, how to attack it), a coaching matchup, or how the QB is progressing through his reads. At his best, Glenn Suitor can provide bursts of this type of analysis, but the vast majority of the time, TSN's coverage doesn't deliver specific game-related insight. More and more, the panel is becoming just a dog-and-pony show where all four men oscillate between stating the blindingly obvious and spouting cliché after football cliché.

Our game deserves better analysis.

I think Climie is having a conflict with his other job or something, which is why Milt is doing some weeks but not others.

This is probably the real reason for Milt filling in for Jock. He (Jock) is an Ottawa lawyer and probably has some job conflicts, especially on Thursday nights.
Dunnigan generally does the colour comments on some games as well, so Milt is needed then as well.
Jock, Matt and Chris our still my favourites though.

I'm not a fan of either but Climie is doing his best work this year, he's more relaxed and confident. I think we need a coach on that panel for one. Dunnigan looks bored and lifeless, I would replace him with an ex coach not Mike Kelly... LOL and maybe keep one of the chairs a guest seat.

Agreed on the need for an ex-coach on the panel. To me, both Dunigan and Schultz have become caricatures of themselves, spouting the same gobbledygook and cliché week after week. A panel of Stegall, Climie, and an ex-coach (what's Davie Richie doing these days? :lol: ) would be a breath of fresh air.

Agreed. His career probably has something going on...

I don't really like either, but Stegall is the more pompous out of the two, so I'll say I prefer Climie.

Simple solution: Milt just moves the family to Canada and makes it official. Nothing to keep anyone in the states in the first place IMHO.