Stefan Logan

He had a 105 yd run back for the Lions.

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and here I thought davis was our kick returner.

That just dawned on me... He went from the BC Lions to the Detroit Lions. :lol:

Yeah that's a bit of an irony for sure :smiley: I'm guessing the other Lions were wishing he was still around.

We were, then Davis started running past everybody and we stopped worrying.

After two fumbles on punt returns early on, much to my surprise as well, Logan looks en route to contend for the best average of the season perhaps:

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Logan is NOT a good player for punt returns, except to fair catch, but only kick returns apparently.

He fumbles more on punt returns as was the case last year too, and perhaps that is because usually there is not as much space to avoid the big hits on punt returns plus some punters able to punt it with tricky spins on the balls.

We'll see if Logan can last the entire season to be quite the surprise considering he was cut by the Steelers before being signed by Detroit.

And the Steelers kick return game? Well poopy them I guess, as they missed out apparently by going with merely a rookie in Emmanuel Sanders. :?

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Cord Parks? I'm not sure what the Detroit Lions are thinking here, but it appears at the very least they are shopping for someone who would be in line ultimately for Logan's position. :?

looking for a punt returner perhaps?

that or the good old "he played in the CFL, so we don't want him" thing that got Jon Ryan released from Green Bay.

See the comments on today’s news on Giguere in the back to the CFL thread …is the latter why Giguere has been hesitant to get actual playing experience in the CFL?

Or is there really such a strong stigma to put off ALL NFL teams?

Let’s remember it is 32 different teams making decisions on players, whatever their origin, not one league against the other and all that business.

Here are my rankings of kick returners in the NFL after 12 games, and Logan is #3 right now.

What a turnabout for him and bad move by the Steelers though they are still one of the best teams in the NFL!

After 12 Games

Top 5 Kick Returners

Stephens-Howling, AZ
L. Washington, SEA
Logan, DET
Tate, NE
Mariani, TEN (also #1 punt returner)

Also for sake of kick returners (and not necessarily punt returners in the NFL), of whom I believe there is a core supply for both the CFL and NFL each year coming out of the amateur ranks, the best picks seem to come out of the 7th round of the NFL draft or undrafted.

Washington below was drafted towards the end of the 4th round in 2006 for his position of RB, and Tate at WR was drafted towards the end of the 3rd round in 2009. Both essentially are drop-downs from their core position though still used at times including Tate's lone reception and TD last night. If either team could go back in time, they more than likely would not have spent that pick on that player.

Note not on my list of top returners are serious talents like Devin Hester and Dez Bryant who are major threats yet have more value at the WR position. That's the major reason you won't see them returning kicks as regularly too.

The others? Well Stephens-Howling and Mariani were picked up in the 7th round, and Logan was undrafted.

The message here is when the next NFL draft comes around, watch the 7th round for sake of any speed picked up as there often seems to be at least one catch for a fine return man in that round.

Futhermore, I have no doubt some of the return men not selected by the NFL, who do end up playing in the CFL, would in fact fare well in the NFL on kick (but not punt) returns as proven by the example of Logan but not by Larry Taylor.