Stefan Logan

So how many of you Lions fans are happy with our current Running Back situation? I couldn't be happier. With the tandem of Logan and Roberts in our backfield, I feel like the sky is the limit with these two speedsters! I love the explosiveness of Logan, not to mention his heart and character that he brings to the team. This guy genuinely is happy to be in the CFL and is making the most of his chance with the Lions. Roberts should be a great addition to the team, and the two of them together is scary!

What a great trade by Wally and I'm glad that he chose Logan over Smith. Logan sure has proven his worth this season with the Lions and deserves to be our starter fair and square.

I knew Logan was something special the first time I saw him at T-camp this year. I love this kids speed and the way he protects the ball when getting tackled. This RB duo could be the start of someting great in B.C. as long as they can find a way to keep both backs healthy and on the field. I don't want to see Roberts take Logans spot.

RLR, I have to admit I was a big Joe Smith fan last year. But seeing his lack of being a team player this year really made me question his "Heart".

I look at My Grandson's Bantam team. There are players on crutches going to games, supporting their team mates from the bench. There is no "I" in TEAM. It takes 36 guys (or whatever the CFL roster is) to make a team work. Joes little side shows this year were disappointing to me.

I think Wally made the right decision.

I like the fact they are going to try and work BOTH Logan and Roberts.

Logan for Rookie of the Year!

I love Stefan "The Pitbull" Logan. Hell even the wife loves him.

Plays with a lot of heart and grit. Great to see!

I like the Lions RB situation just fine.IMO both Logan and Roberts want to be here in B.C.,and more importantly act as professionals on and off the field.Its not enough to have great physical talent on the field.Players have to be team orientated just like successful people have to be in real life at their jobs.The fact that Smith did not attend the tribute for Bob Ackles demonstrates his lack of respect for the Lions organization,and for Ackles.Logan,and Roberts will vastly improve the Lions running game.If I was on the Lions O line,I would be salivating at the thought of opening holes for Logan,and Roberts.

I'm in love with our new RB situation.

I was a huge Joe Smith fan up until this year. Still think he's an awesome player, just not a great TEAM player and that can affect the chemistry. You need everyone enthusiastic, pumped up and ready to play. And supporting each other when they're not playing.

I think this is a great thing and I welcome Roberts with open arms.