Stefan Logan to start Friday against Edmonton

Well, this just in, TSN is reporting that Stefan Logan will play on Friday against Edmonton in place of Joe Smith. Joe will be a healthy scratch for the game.

This move could spell the end of Joe Smith in BC. He has been mediocre at best this season for the Leos.

Joe who? Good luck against the Eskies they are playing inspired football.

I'm not too worried about Friday. We dominated them for 3 quarters last week and are a much better home team. Lions should win on Friday.

Hopefully we don't see anymore undershirts exposed either, that was cute in the beginning but got extremely obnoxious when it was done after every catch.

I thought it was a fantastic way to show support to an injured teammate.

I agree, it was nice to see it happen a few times but I think they way overdid it. It was excessive in my opinion.

I thought the same, jm. But I can't say I agree with this move by B.C... :expressionless:

I'm all for it. Logan impressed me in the game he started and I think he is a very elusive back that could fool other teams. Joe wasn't producing so things needed to change.

I welcome the change. Can't wait to see Logan go at it again on Friday.

They didn't start until later in the second half, if I recall correctly, RLR. That's hardly overkill.

That's because they had only a few completed passes in the first half, and none of them meaningful. Just coming from someone who watched the entire game, it seemed like a lot and it was obnoxious.

You didn't see the Lions point to the 'Bob' logo at midfield everytime they made a big play against the Bombers.

It was a nice gesture at first but it got annoying.

Hmmm… interesting that now at least one Lions fan has thrown Joe Smith under the bus… and as for the undershirt thing, if the situation was reversed and the Lions did it to support an injured teammate, they couldn’t do it enough…

I also watched the entire game, and didn't find anything obnoxious about it. I felt it was 100% class, and 100% appropriate - at first, and even now.

I disagree. I never threw Smith under the bus, I said I welcome the change to see what Logan can do.

Secondly, if the Lions did it for a teammate out for the season, it would also be annoying. Doing it once I understand, doing it after every big catch and touchdown, excessive. That's my opinion.

Looks like at least one other poster agrees with me:

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I was impressed with the surge with the Eskimos took control of the game after the third quarter interception. The lifting of the shirts every time a reception was made was a little over the top and quite frankly surreal. Hopefully, this is the only occurence of this phenomenom this season.

I dont believe you in the slightest bit on something like that being excessive if the Lions did it. It would have been the greatest thing since sliced bread in your mind. Let me put it this way, is Geroy's superman pose annoying? He does it ALL THE TIME after a big catch, so which is it RLR? Is it annoying to you, or is it not done to excess?

PS-We are only talking about you, not dusty100



We'll see which Eskie team shows up for this game. I totally get the move to bench Smith. Putting the new guy in there may light a fire under both them.


Ruthless Wally being Ruthless Wally... I hope when Wally's day comes that it is done as uncerimonusly as possible.

I like the change in the fact the kid can run but joe's body strength is a force to be recond with. To bad they both could'nt play