Stefan Logan signs with champion Pittsburgh Steelers

Now that Stefan Logan has signed with the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, how likely is it we’re gonna get Casey Printers back here?

Clearly Cap room has been opened up

Casey Printers.... come on I think Zac Champion has more talent than Casey.... how many teams does he have to fail with before "Casey Fans" admit it.

As far as Logan... well can't blame him, he wants to prove himself in the NFL.

I doubt Casey would be willing to make the switch to RB :lol:

The list of roster spots to be filled grows again...

It's too bad Logan decided to go south... he was exciting to watch and with a 7.3 yard avg. he could have easily put up 1500+ yards in a full season... add to that a huge threat catching passes out of the backfield and what in interviews seemed like a great attitude, he's a guy anyone would love to have on their team.

Now... i gotta ask you 120dB........ why do you want Casey back so badly??... and with your line about cap room being open are you suggesting you think the Lions should be willing to pay him the approx. $450,000 a year he's currently signed for?

i can’t blame him either, the cfl is going through a tough time right know losing a lot of there futre stars.

they better be carefull or they are going to end up in the same situation like in the lat-mid 90’s.

Don’t forget one thing that helps a bit is the Canadian Dollar is worth a lot more than back then. Doesn’t make a huge difference but it does help.
But lets hope the Lions scouts have an eye on a good RB…