Stefan Logan released

Finally we Will try someone younger…

Certainly about time as we all have wanted.

But my suspicious mind will question the timing because of his close connection to Reed, the alleged payments to individual companies, etc.

But from a football standpoint let`s see what a Quan Bray or MarcusTaylor can do.

Poor Sherman… LOL
Looks like kavis wrote up his roster.

Well, Logan wrote on his twitter last week that the game against Ottawa would be his last, so it looks like this was planned.

I heard Adekolu was also released.

Thank God. Nothing against Logan but he wasn’t getting it done. And that profanity-laced tirade against a fan was disappointing. Someone in his late '30s should know better than that.

Yeah, it does seem like Kavis was making moves without consulting his head coach a little too often. A head coach isn’t always going to see eye to eye with his GM. Coaches are paid to win now. GMs are paid to think about the future and the big picture. But the timing of this release (and bringing back Foote and Lussier) is a pretty damning indictment of Reed.

Good luck to Stefan Logan, but his best days are far behind. I was expecting his release for at least the past 2 years. Let’s go with younger and much less expensive players. I think that there are a few on the current roster.-active and practice-


Returner is also a position where you discover players who you may not know their full potential. Think Chris Williams or Brandon Banks.

Sticking with a 37-year-old make zero sense.

Thanks for the past but we have to look to the futur.I felt bad for him over the past couple seasons as everytime he had a good return we got a penalty.

Until last Sunday.

Good news and about time. Let’s see what a young guy can do in the role.

Let Rider Stone and Bray share the return game and you’ve freed up a roster spot for a second heavy import running back to give Stanback a rest. Or a Punter!

Stefan Logan is 38 years old. Time to move on.


Novel approach to respecting the cap… cut players that aren’t worth what they cost.

Seeing cut players return, others cut, as soon as the GM leaves… really shows how much of a one-man show this was. And it’s not as if he was getting away with it because the team’s record was good, it was abysmal… there’s just no way he should have held on to his job as long as he did, not matter what was happening to the organization.
And this is regardless of whether the cap circumvention was happening or not.

Speaking of people he potentially protected or persecuted, one instance that comes to mind is the curious case of Kahlil Carter hired as DC then becoming a “scout” a week into camp. Looking back now, it didn’t smell right then… raises more questions to me now looking back.

Think many of us have been saying the same.


Loonnngggg overdue … of course it will probably jinx Saturdays returners somehow

Do we now finally have a chance of getting a decent punter in the lineup to replace Bede?

There has to be somebody … somewhere … either an International-American to cover all the jobs or a National punter until the Als can find either an all-in-one (of whatever “nationality”) or a National kicker to pair with the punter.

The ending will tarnish the legend no doubt but Stef Logan was a heck of a player.

Even last week he did a good job on returns. He is 38 and plays 5 years younger. More than just a returner.


Either way best wishes and good luck with the road ahead.

It looks like Marcus Taylor will be replacing Logan.