Stefan logan could return to BC

If things don't work out with Pittsburgh, he said he is coming right back to BC. I hope he does, that will help BC so much, and at the perfect timing to since its like mid season. He can turn BC Lions around, all it takes is some good plays and some wins to get BC pumped up and confident.

Pony make it a pony

Since you are dreaming that Stefan Logan is the answer to the Lions woes…dream me a pony too.

I didnt mean it that way, he will just give BC some momentum.

Judging by Logans performance tonight vs Washington, I think he will make the team. Even though it was considered a long shot to make the team he went absolutely nuts returning kicks and was amazing--

Kick/Punt Returns
Pittsburgh KR Yds Avg Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
S. Logan 4 157 39.3 60 0 4 48 12.0 18

39 yard average for LOGAN?

IMO he should make PIttsburgh and will be their starting kick returner after they realize how good he is..

This is a crushing blow to the LIONS as it appeared that LOGAN was not going to make the Steelers and would get CUT--

THe way he is playing in pre season he will make the team with his explosive returns and elusiveness.

Could...yes, but no time soon with the way he's playing tonight.

Pittsburgh vs. Washington

Both LOGAN and DORSEY are both having good games. It is looking like in the NFL to me that there is a spot for smaller players who are really fast-
They are harder to tackle and they do well it seems.

Dominique Dorsey is doing great now also running the ball-

I think the NFL should consider players from the CFL a lot more---

Yes Dorsey was looking like Ricky Ervins tonight. I think it was Theisman who brought up his fumbling issues.

I suppose it was just a coincidence that this game was featured on NFLN... and now we're on to Seatown with Warren Moon in the broadcast booth.

Logan can not solve the other issues we are having....but it would be great to have him back, but I'm not holding my breath!

He's not coming back...not after tonight...check out the Steelers website and see what they have to say about him. I hope he does well when they start playing for real.

As much as I wish that Logan would return to BC, as he would have a bigger impact- on the team- than he would in Pittsburgh.


The Steelers are my NFL team, so in the end it is all good for me. :smiley:

How will he help out so much? Mallet is doing an amazing job. I really doubt Logan will be enough of an improvement over Mallet to be thought that he can turn things around.

Latest word out of the Steelers camp is logan will make the team as a Punt return guy and used rarely as a wideout.
Not sure if Logan is what the Lions need anyways unless they want to trade his rights to another team.

On the other hand, Jamal Lee might be headed your way since I don't see him on the Panthers depth chart any more.

Logan had an 80 yard punt return for a touchdown tonight. Lee scored too.

Pittsburgh vs. Carolina

Logan was good as gone before but now the only question that remains is whether or not he will be Pro-Bowl bound as a kick returner. Heck, he even had an impressive night running the ball too. As for Jamal Lee, although he did score a touchdown tonight, he still remains a long shot to stick with the team

Logan made the Superbowl champions as a starting kick returner. Well done.

Cam Wake has made the Dolphins as a backup OLB. Jamal Lee played well his final preseason game. Can you imagine all these guys on the Lions? What a difference they would have made. /sigh