Stefan Logan ....a Steeler

I think you’re on to something…Lumsden would look good in BC, especially if he can stay healthy.

This just means more fresh meat for the CFL. See it as a positive. The others, besides Wake, will likely be back eventually.

Edm LB Kenny Onatolu has signed a contract with the NFL's Minnesota Vikings

Add Brandon Guillory and Maurice Lloyd to the list of potential NFL jumps.

…SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE HERE…I know you can’t deny a guy his right to forge ahead in his career…HOWEVER…I think we are opening the door too early (jumping in the option year) to head south…How are we, in the CFL, supposed to keep team identity and credibility , when your quality players are being drained every year…Fans who are paying a good buck, to see a team with some star quality on it, are going to be disullsioned to say the least…Sure there will be other players coming in …but like someone said, they’ll be in an nfl camp quickly if they show any promise…That definitely sets a club back when you have to continually start from scratch…I say the players signed here should be committed to stay longer (just how long should be spelled out in a new agreement)…There will be those who say…well we won’t get any talent coming up here…I say that player wouldn’t have a chance to play football in any case…Look at Cameron Wake…He never got a quality sniff until he showed his wares in the CFL…We are getting taken to the cleaners… :cry:

on a side note and referring to the Stefan Logan case…I bet Wally would like to re-think the trade of the ‘pop can’ guy to the Bombers for Roberts… I bet they’d like him back …It’s not always easy to win one on W Buono… :wink:

Cohon has already implied, that he might try to close the 'option year jump' when the next CBA with the players comes due. However, this is more of a 'sabre rattling' in response to the Buffalo invasion than anything, but it might have a few NFL teams a bit jumpy, especially when the CFL is the only development league left. have a great point in your last line, there piggy...

well good, let's do it then. if there's no agreement with the NFL any more than why are we being so helpful? Because the coaches are all buddies? Does the no fun league help us in any way?

It has nothing to do with the NFL anymore...the CFL has NO deal with the NFL at present.

However, the option year jump is a right given to the players in their CBA. So even without an agreement with the NFL, it's a player's right. To remove that, the CFL would have to successfully negotiate that out of the CBA when it next expires. I don't know when that is.

The focus on whether or not the CFL should continue with the option year jump thing is a red herring. There already is a mechanism available to push the player's right to go to the NFL further into the future: OFFER LONGER CONTRACTS!! Signing a 2+1 with the jump is the same thing as signing a 1+1 without it, at least with respect to the capacity to jump. The team has little downside since no CFL player contract can be guaranteed anyways - they don't want to keep the guy for the reminder of the contract?, cut him! Of course, the player has to agree to a longer contract but that is already true, with or without the jump provision.

To see it from another (the player's) perspective, if we did get rid of the ability to jump in the option year (i.e. it gets negotiated out of the CBA) and a player really want's to keep the "NFL dream" open in, say, 2 years, he will only accept a two-year contract (or a 1+1 since I think the current rules are that that is the minimum ... which could also change) instead of a 2+1 contract. If the team is not willing to offer a 2-year straight up contract (or 1+1), the player's choice is to find another job somewhere else or take the 2-year (1+1) offer.

You are right, although as I understand things the biggest problem with that argument is the CBA currently mandates that while a team and player can agree on any length of contract, the team MUST present as an option a 1+1 deal. A team can offer any other length too, but a 1+1 has to be in the mix. With the option year jump, then, a player can get to the NFL after 1 year, and that means any player with NFL aspirations and a half-bright agent will bargain hard for the best 1+1 they can get. It is presently not open for teams to say here's a 2+1, or a 2, take it or leave it.

Thanks for clearing that up, Artie. I couldn't remeber if the 1+1 was a mandatory first contract, or if they had to offer it with other contract options. Personally, I think if we're to keep this option year crap, they should make the minimum 2+1.

I don't like the idea of doing a deal with the Devil any more then other die hard CFL fans. However I do think we need to be realists and take advantage of the current situation. Keep in mind this is just my view only ...

  • The first deal the CFL did with the NFL we needed them more they needed us. The cash helped out in troubled times and opened a window through the option year that some players preffered over the "other" non NFL leagues in play.

  • Now we find ourselves being the only other Football league in operation ( School/University sports not included ). This time I believe the NFL needs us more then we need them. The only source of post drafting players left where you can actually see them play is the CFL.

  • Player contracts in the CFL are always very short term, and other then a few players most move several times throughout their careers. For some of them the reasons are wanting to be on a competitive team ( we all know that dynasties are the thing of the past in the CFL and any given year each team based on signings could be the next 2007 Riders ), as well as players wanting more cash.

So my suggestion would be to strike while the iron is hot and we hold the cards and sign a new CFL/NFL player movement deal. What I would like to see is an agreement where for each player signed in the option year the NFL team having to pay a set price ( lets say 500k - sounds like a lot but is nothing to an NFL team ). Then have it so the CFL team is permitted to take that money and apply it 100% to existing contracts without it counting against the Cap.


Player A bolts the the NFL. Team is paid 500k.
Team has 2 stars signed for 1 more year at 150K each. The players agree to 3 year extensions at 150K which is cap counted. The 500k can then be split as a signing bonus between the 2 players and not have it count as a cap hit.

Currently Player A leaves with no compensation, and Players B and C could also leave after that season with no compensatoin.
If a plan or deal was made so that it helped teams lock up players to longer terms it would reduce the number of players jumping and helped build team identities.

Of course the NFL could tell us to go pound sand and in that case I would make all player contracts 3 years or greater, do away with the option year. So long as all teams stuck to there guns it would block the current escape clause that is only benefiting the NFL.

Why would the NFL pay for something that they get now, for free?

Why would the NFL pay for something that they get now, for free?
If the CFL eliminated option year contracts and pushed for longer terms the NFL would not be able to cherry pick to fill immediate needs like they do now. They would either have to wait a year or 2 longer for the player they wanted or hmmm without Arena Football or NFL Europe that only leaves the draft. Considering the amount of cash the NFL pumped into the other 2 this would be a drop in the bucket.

Personally I favor the CFL adopting the NHL contract approach so that new talent stays with a team long enough to develop and be built around. Don't think the CFLPA would agree though, so making plan B ( new NFL Agreement ) probably an easier goal.

$500,000 is just a bit steep… even if the cap over there is $100 million. That’s an insane asking price. How many players in the CFL get that much? Casey Printers we know… maybe Ricky Ray; I’m sure he’s getting a decent paycheck. But that’s about it.

The NFL would laugh in our faces.

$500,000 is just a bit steep... even if the cap over there is $100 million. That's an insane asking price. How many players in the CFL get that much? Casey Printers we know... maybe Ricky Ray; I'm sure he's getting a decent paycheck. But that's about it.

The NFL would laugh in our faces.

Like I said it was a made up figure - the 500k is just a figure - could be 100k could be 50k... it's the principal that if the NFL want's CFL player contracts written in such a manner that facilitates early movement then I believe they should pay. If not let them wait.

It's an interesting idea; I wouldn't mind getting some sort of compesation since they are just wasting our time if they don't actually keep the guy.

And that's my point - Currently the NFL needs us more then we need them. The CFL as a league should decide to either eliminate option years and move to 3 year contracts so that teams have more stability or strike while we hold the all the cards. True the NFL sees us as nothing more then a farm system or a developmental league if you will, but if the CFL isn't going to close that door it should at least ensure that teams get something in return. This is just one of those things that happened all at once ( the closing of AFL and NFL Europe ) and the CFL has to adapt and overcome. No matter what they decide they do need to do something in my opinion.

This is absurd. The NFL doesn't need the CFL at all, at least not for anything they are interested in paying for. They did the CFL a favour a few years back and bailed them out, so the CFL gave up the option year jump. Prior to that, the NFL still managed to get the players it wanted down south.

The CFL as a league should decide to either eliminate option years and move to 3 year contracts so that teams have more stability or strike while we hold the all the cards.
The CFL can't just up and do this - the contract parameters are set in the CBA. For these to change when the CBA next expires, the CFL would have to bargain those changes. I can't imagine the CFLPA simply saying OK to any of those without concessions elsewhere. If at all.

Like I said it was just my opinion, that and in my above post I did say "Don't think the CFLPA would agree.

Of course the NFL does not need the CFL to survive. I simply believe that currently the NFL has more reasons to like the CFL then we do for them. That is all. My Point was that IF and that is a Big IF the CFL decides that they wanted to negotiate anything further with the NFL that at this time with the CFL being the only other pro football league that the NFL can draw from - has a higher hand to play. Nothing more

I would rather see like I said a change to the contract system but I don't anticipate that the CFLPA is going to look at is favorable over the current system.