Stefan Logan ....a Steeler

as per tsn…Seems the speedy little guy has headed south and signed on with the Super Bowl chumps…Is it me, or is the CFL losing a lot of talent to the nfl this year…Buono ain’t gonna be a happy camper…Can’t deny the little guy a shot at a step-up but the league is watching a lot of premiere players heading out of town…Time to re-negotiate that player deal with our southern neighbour …Mr. Comish… :expressionless:

I was just thinking the very same thing.
Yesterday Dorsey and if Logan goes, these are probably the two most explosive and exciting players.

This is total crap! Don’t get me wrong, I wish these guys well… but what the hell? Campbell, Dorsey, Logan. All our top guys are leaving. :roll:

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That's a swift kick in a the groin. Wow, honestly I'm shocked but can't see a small guy like him sticking in the NFL. Still hurts the Lions alot...who's going to be the running back this season?

I was just thinking of that... With Roberts done and Logan gone now, who do you guys have? :?

LB Jamall Johnson - signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DE Cam Wake - signed with Miami Dolphins
WR Kelly Campbell - signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
LB Charleston Hughes - signed with Philadelphia Eagles
RB/RS Dominique Dorsey - signed with Washington Redskins
RB Stefan Logan - signed with Pittsburgh Steelers
WR P.K. Sam - signed with Buffolo Bills
DB Byron Parker - signed with Philadelphia Eagles

Buck Pierce is also having some tryouts.

Sad to see him go..............but think back; at this time last season, had any of us ever heard of him? I doubt it. My guess is Wally will come up with someone that we may not know now, but will once the season gets going.

I think we're just seeing an increase of CFL players signing in the NFL because of the demise of NFLE and to a degree the AFL.
The NFL needs quality players to go their training camps. Most of these players have already been cut by the NFL before so the odds are against them. More power to them if they make it this time but most IMO will be back.
Cameron Wake is the only sure fire bet to make it IMO.

The Lions have lost their most explosive defensive and offensive players in the same offseason. If Buck somehow makes it down there as well, we are royally screwed. Wally has always been good at getting new guys but this is a lot to make up for in one offseason.

Floyds gone. Jamal Johnson is gone. Who are their linebackers?? Javy ...who had an off year....and who else? I hope they get one of the Riders LBs or things will be rough on the west coast. It takes new guys some time to learn the CFL game most of the time.

...BC loses yet another critical chess piece....the Saskatchewan front office implodes and goes into meltdown recovery with free agents left hanging...Edmonton starts the season with a vibrant but green coaching a Stampeder fan I can only say "yesssssssssssss"....

And then he'll sign with an NFL team. :lol:

If Edmonton can beef up its defence with a couple of Saskatchewan's free agents, watch out! :smiley:

Good luck, Stefan!

And with a salary cap now its tricky, especialy for Tornto and BC as they have a few each gone on "tryouts/TCmeat".
If you max yourself out and these guys all come back you might have to let quality guys go...

could stay on as a kick returner.

The Lions still have Ian Smart listed as a RB.

Maybe we'll see Lumsden in Vancouver.

Even if that's true, they won't be back until halfway through the CFL season, and that annoys me.

I know sucks in one way but just makes the CFL look good and will attract more players from college who the NFL isn’t going to look at right away because of size generally and just means the CFL will get better Americans all the time. A few steps backward but some strides forward in the long run, I think anyways. :thup:
The CFL really does have to give the guys a decent option of signing south of the border for the bucks otherwise we aren’t going to get them. Remember, the dream is always the NFL, not because it’s this or that better but just because it can pay so much more.

This is of a direct result of Arena Football and NFL Europe shutting down. The only farm system as the NFL sees it now is the CFL.
Granted most won’t stick long but this is the new reality the CFL needs to deal with. How many more years till the “jump in the option year” clause is gone?

I was thinking the same thing. There really doesn't seem to be any other quality FA RB's out there. I know most people expect Lumsden to go to Edmonton, but I think Wally will make a pretty big play for him.

In the long run it might be good for the League. It may force CFL teams to sign contracts longer than one year with an option. Fans get to know the players better and the teams have to invest more in players long term rather than dropping players and replacing them all the time.