Stefan LeFors

Why is he listed as being 'suspended'? Is he ever coming back?

And on a side note, why didn't LaPolice call a few Berry/Kelly cuts and ask them to come back, viz. Tom Canada, Derrick Armstrong, etc, etc.

Stefan LeFors is suspended because he's never reported and he hasn't filed retirement papers.

No thanks to Tom Canada and Derrick Armstrong is with the Lions.

Uh, Tom was a great player for the Bombers & loved being here. Derrick could have been approached before he signed with the Lions.

Thanks for the info about LeFors, but I'd like to know more. Why is he not reporting? What's going on?

Tom Canada? ya, we will call up Joe Smith too... :wink:

Canada is somewhere is in the jungle or something, and Leforts sucked last year so we don't really care that hes not here.

Do you two even watch CFL football?

Tom was one of the best defensive players we had on a very good team. And as for LeFors, I saw a lot of promise in his performances here in Winnipeg and also in Edmonton. He was thrown into a bad situation here & you can't expect anyone to excel with that.

Anyway, go back to putting your clown outfits on or whatever.

LeFors told the Bombers he was going to report which is one of the reasons the Bombers signed Pierce. I've heard that LeFors wanted his old contract re-instated but the new regime said no.

As for Tom Canada, that ship has sailed. Hunt and Willis are good players and a lot younger than Canada.

As for Derick Armstrong quit on his teammates and Bomber fans. If he had done his job in that first game we might have won it. Good riddance to him.

Saint truth, you obviously haven’t watch the CFL in the past 5 years, and you obviously don’t follow the Bombers very closely…(btw have you been living under a rock for the past 5 years??) :wink:

I meant "wasn't", not "was". Darn contractions. :oops:

Yeah, good one. I've watched more CFL games over the last five years than you've seen in your lifetime, you chump.

k thats impossible, cause i've watched basically ever game for the past 5 years, so i dont know how thats possible, plus what would make you think we need tom Canada right now? we are LEADING the league in sacks :lol: :lol: , and as for Lefors, IF you have watched a single game this year im sure this doesn't need to be explained to you... or does it??? :lol:

And to defend Milt-for-life, even if you have watched more CFL games in the past five years, how much do you really know about the player's, where they stand and why they are not on the team? Chump!!

LeFors refused to show up for camp because of Kelly's antics last season, LaPolice and Mack had said they would welcome him to camp and he flat out refused, he was under contract, he didn't show, he gets suspended, that's how it works!!

Tom Canada was a great player (3 Years ago) and his health was a major issue, great guy, was a great player but why would we have him back when he is in his 30's (past prime) when we have younger player's like Smith, Hunt, Willis that are just as good if not better. We released Gavin Walls to become younger on the line as well, where is he? on MTL'S injured list, again another great guy and was a great player but we had to move on and use younger player's that will be around in 3-4 years.

Seems like you are still living in the past saint, why not cut Serna and bring back Westwood? Heck why not bring back Canada and cut a young rising player like Hunt? Why don't we cut Reid and bring Back Roberts or Smith? At the same time we can cut Lobendahn and bring back Moreno, maybe Marlborough and Malveux as well.

I hope you get my point, if not than you really don't know what your talking about!!

maybe we should bring back Chris Brazell, and Charles Roberts they were good guys too...

too far? nahh :lol: