Stefan Lefors

is he done or whats up? he's still listed on the roster at

is he finished tho? if so, why is he still listed on the roster?

It was reported he was going to retire. Maybe he's on the roster until he files the necessary papers to retire. Or maybe they are trying to trade him.

Can't imagine there'd be any takers on him by way of trade. . . my guess is that we've seen the last of him in the CFL.

My understanding is that Stefan will remain on the roster so that he can retire as a Bomber. A game this season (yet to be determined) billed as "Stefan Lefors Night" including retirement of his jursey will take place. Stefan will bring his entire family to the Peg to say good bye properly. It`s only fitting. :lol:

Indeed. And then at half-time they'll call him up to midfield, and announce that notwithstanding prior commitments, the team is only paying for half of their travel and accomodations....

u do realize that noone put a gun to lefors head to take that paycut. he agreed to it and then whined after he signed it. he could have said NO. u realize that right?

Right-o. "Here son, we'll give you half of what we promised you, or none. We're fair here, and we know you have a wife and young family, so we're gonna let you pick."

It was a low act. Indefensible. And frankly, an ugly wart on an organization who's history does not include that type of behaviour.

the entire m kelly "era" was a wart

Careful, the warts may be offended by the comparison. . .

More like a Cancer...

We've never heard how this situation was resolved. Last thing we read was that Lefors was filling a grievance with the CFLPA.

"Sorry Murph can't talk. The doctor just called me and Lefors is done for the season. I am on my way to get him to take a pay cut or release him before he connects the dots..." :wink:

maybe. depends on who you talk too tho. guy did some good things too aka getting rid of a bunch of over priced over paid talentless old men that the bombers had in 2008.

wonder if we win that last game vs hamilton and make the playoffs if people actually willing to admit not everything kelly did was a bad thing. was he a dink to the media? sure. has a few players spoken out about how he was a brutal coach? sure. have some said he wasnt that bad? sure. did he bring in some solid players tho who will be on the team this season? yup.

bowman, arthur,santos, dimichele, hefney(if hes back).. just to name a few.. heck mike renaud.

the guy wasnt as bad as the media makes it to beleive.

its just sad people cant see past his scrums with the media and admit that he did some good things for the team moving forward.

dude was brought in and the cupboards were bare... they finished 7-11 and one win away from going to the playoffs.. all things considered... was kelly really that bad?

so he spoke his mind and told non fans the way it was.

shouldnt be crucified for that tho.

I am just guessing but i believe it could be due to the bargaining agreement, he has not officially been released (as far as i know) and he has not officially retired (again as far as i know) therefore he still has a legal binding contract with The Bombers and he has to be listed on the roster until A) Bombers officially release him or B) He officially retires. No one will make a move on LeFors due to the fact when he is finally released and if he still wants to play ball he could be signed by any team also he has NO trade value at all, 0, zippo.

i think once brink is "officially" added to the roster that lefors will "officially" be deleted from the roster.


He was an embarrassment off the field, and he put an embarrassing product on the field.

Just sticking to the LeFors issue: he traded big for him, anointed him starter before camp, presumably designed an offence around him which (a) sucked and (b) even LeFors admitted later he couldn't understand, all before the weirdness about his injury and paycut. All this is connected to the Glenn situation, which he could have handled so much better and got something back in a trade.

He'd have to have been a mad genius to do everything wrong, but he wasn't a genius. Maybe he did OK in some of his roles, but he had way too many roles, and totally screwed up some of them.

Say what you will, but I'm gonna miss ol' Mike. For a while, the whole football world was talking about the Bombers. Good or bad, I don't think we'll ever see that much publicity again.

Bomber Fans are going to wish Mike Kelly was still HC when we reach mid point of the season with a record of 0-9

......Is that you Mike????????? Good luck Mr. Football in your hunt for new employment 8)

ticat fan i guess? if so, u should worry about your own team instead of ours. if you're a bomber fan tho, id suspect you look in the mirror and ask yourself what does being a fan truly mean.

publicity for getting the bombers out there and having a few non fans tuning in for a game or two.. then sure..

but for the most part it was laughable stuff that cast a dark shadow on the bomber organization that we are now trying to recover from

as annoying as this post is i think we can still take it and make it into a real discussion and ignore the stupidity it was said with, i believe noone will be going 0-9 this season. with buck and jyles the bombers have the best 1-2 weve had here in years.. combined with some returning talent and some new prospects... we may not be hot out of the gate but with a well coached and disciplined team we will definately be able to find some chemistry and win some games.. i expect by early to mid season we will be coming to form and winning our share of games..

with the amount of player turnover across the league its hard to say if even the stronger teams will be good, especially at the start, the beauty of an 8 team league is anyone can jump to the top.. even the argos are bound to win a couple... simply by playing well against a struggling team.. or luck

plus most teams in the league are one qb injury away from being verrrry average... at this point anythings possible