Stefan Lefors

Now that Winny has chosen Pierce I’m suggesting that TO looks hard at Lefors. Edmonton has a record of recruiting great QB talent. Thrash mike kelly all you want but his player evaluation was pretty good and he loved this guy. Then disaster, some real, some delusional. But I’d look again.

I'd pass.

Sure he was put in an impossible situation last season, few QBs could have succeeded in that dreadful offensive package that Kelly put together.

That said, his record prior to Winnipeg as a starter was 0-6.

So an 0-6 record followed by a dreadful year last year (not all of which was his fault, but some of it was) does not lead me to believe that he has what it takes to be a CFL starter. If the Argos want to raid the scrap heap, and I don't think they will, they'd be better off looking for Richie Williams, Ryan Dinwiddie, or even Brad Banks.

not a big deal as i think hes decided to move on but was he dreadful last year? he was 1-1 last year, great in the win against Calgary, then separated a shoulder in game 3 and lost the 2. where was he really responsible?
just watched him in edmonton and he had "it’

i also thought banks was never really given a shot but i imagine hes done.

what lefors has shown was he indeed had "it", its just that when he stepped on the field.. "it" became, well add an SH infront of "it" and thats what lefors has basically shown or hasnt shown even. cant say he hasnt had his chances, sometimes if u are given chiken crap u have to make chicken salad out of it and lefors did not. 0-6 in edmonton as a starter.. 1-4 in winnipeg (regardless of the offense and when his injury apparently took place). can see he was put in bad situations, can say the offense was garbage that he was running BUT he was the guy running it and he's a combined what? 1-10 as a starter in the cfl?
Tells me the guy just isnt good enough. He's been in the league awhile, learned behind the best qb in the league in ricky ray and he's 1-10 or something as a starter... but yes i think the argos should pick him up.

i think a 2nd/3rd round pick in the 2010 draft would get the trade done :wink:

I'm with you Killer.

LeFors numbers last season. . . 41 completions out of 88 attempts, or 46.6% completion rate, which is less than mediocre. Two TDs and two interceptions. . .60.8 passer rating.

His career totals are 152 completions in 273 attempts for a 55.7% completion rate, 8 TDs and 11 interceptions, passer rating 66.8

Those numbers just don't give me any confidence that Lefors is starter material in the CFL.

If the Argos acquire LeFors (as an Argo fan I really hope they don't), they will not waste any draft picks or players while doing it. I really believe he will be released prior to TC.

I understand he had shoulder problems last year (could not throw the ball 15 yards), is he healthy now?

Lefors is not worth trading for. Winnipeg has six QB's under contract, they can't even bring Lefors to camp and if they play hardball it will cost them a roster spot . Lefors wants no part of the Bombers at 90k and the Argos would not offer him more. Had two shots and couldn't make anything either time.

Six QBs under contract? I'm missing one then I guess. . . if you include LeFors, I've got five. . . Santos, DiMichele, Jyles, and Pierce being the other four. . . who am I missing ?

if i was the bombers and he refused to show up and he wasnt tradable, i would just suspend him indefinately for not showing up. but rumor has it lefors will be retiring anyways so yeah... i like the thread its just i suppose kinda pointless because all signs point to stef hangin em up.