Stefan LeFors

…Continues to be very impressive at t.c…He’s throwing tight spirals and right on the money…Easy to see why Kelly wanted him on his team…I think there are going to be some surprised CFL on-lookers in 09…Kevin Glenn who???.The other qbs. seem to be just getting their game together while LeFors is already out of the gate…Stefan is the Man…watch out east division…heh heh… :wink: :rockin:

People here in Edmonton would not be surprised to hear of his eventual success. We would never have let him go if we didn't have Ricky Ray. He is the real deal, and Bomber fans will come to enjoy watching him lead the offense.

Yep, Im quite excited about him... Thinking he will do pretty well this year

looks like Lefors, Din, Randall to me...

LeFors looks good against rooks on the first few days of TC. Whoopee ding-dong. guys in the hammer can start the 'concerned' look as of now.. LeFors has got every bit as much up-side, as any qb. on your roster....and twice the talent to throw and hand-off to.....Good luck in 09.... :lol:

I'll agree and disagree papa.........

Does LeFors have a superior receiving corps and runnning backs to work with compared to what the Cat QBs will have to work with? Sure looks that way at this point. for upside at the QB position..................remember, while he's still pretty green, Quinton Porter has already accomplished something in his short CFL career that LeFors has been unable, so far, to manage...........he's actually won a game as a starter.

Given a good QB with no weapons, and an adequate to average QB with good weapons, I might be persuaded to lean to the latter..........

True, he’s not won a game yet. But I contend that there would have been a win or two under his belt had there been competent defensive playcalling to keep our leads, and as everyone in the league knows, we didn’t have that the last few years under Rick Campbell.

Hope for that he is that good but,if he was, he would still be in Edmonton. So far, in his brief career, he has thrown for 6 TD's and 9 Int's and a rating of 69.7. Nothing to write home about! He had his chance in 2007, when Ray was hurt but failed.


Why do people keep coming back to how many games the guy has won ?

Bishop & Crandell have won plenty, but are in the unemployment line where they belong.

Does Lefors have the tools (brain & talent) to be a good qb in the league, absolutely.

  1. Well mainly because you play the game to win...........

  2. Agreed. I stand to be corrected but I do believe both of them lost more than they won...........discounting Bishop's wins in Toronto, where the defence won the games and certainly not his offence. Maybe the Eskies fan is right, LeFors didn't win in Edmonton because of the defence playing poorly, and not due to any lack of ability on his part...........I really can't say.

  3. Absolutely? I don't know (yet). Ask me when the bullets start flying for real.

...Porter has got about as far to go on the learning curve as LeFors.... One win is hardly going to convince me of a players abilities..The offence around him is NOT as good as good as what Stefan will be working with.......I would say the advantage goes to the Bombers...Now the question will be ???who will get their game together first...When that's accomplished, we'll be able to answer who has the most going for him.....Just around the cornor guys... :rockin: :thup:

I think there is enough evidence out there right now to conclude that Lefors does have what it takes to be a starter.

2007 was his first year in the league and he didn't really have time to absorb much behind Ray when he was thrust into action.

His first two games were rough against the Argos, but everyone had trouble with them that year.

His next three games, his stats were very good, something like 70% completion rate, 9TDs to 6INTs, over 900 yards passing and a Player of the Week Award.

Since then, he has had a whole year to learn from Ray & Maas, probably the best scenario in the league for a young QB.

With all the qb's available out there, Kelly could have easily brought in Bishop, Printers or Crandell, but chose instead to trade draft picks to Edmonton for this guy. Even somebody with no football knowledge whatsoever, wouldn't make that deal if he wasn't sure in what he was getting in return.

...the last line says a lot pigseye....Kelly worked with and knew exactly what he was getting from Edm....LeFors was never going to start for the esks. with Ray holding down top spot....Maas gives them security in the back-up role... so exit Stefan....He's already starting to display the makings of a starter....confident, take charge attitude, and skilled....Oh i think Kelly knew 'exactly' what he was doing when he made the deal for LeFors... :wink:

Yep, Kelly knows exactly what he's getting in LeFors, and there was no chance (barring some complication in rehab that kills Ray's career forever) that Stefan was going to 'win' Ray's job after the injury in 2007. The Eskimos are pretty much Ricky's team as long as he wants to be here as far as I can see.

Good to hear he is doing well at TC but I got to wait for game action to make a judgement myself. Lots of guys are stars in practice but come gametime, aren't so good. However, hopefully he continues to impress and leave no question that he is the starter for opening day,

Well, this proves one of two things. You either don't know much about football, or you don't know much about the Esks and there QB depth...

With Ricky Ray and Jason Maas, they probably have the best depth in the league...

They also havent had much of a problem finding their own QB's either... Given how many years Stefan has been in this league, his salary was probably getting a little high for a third string QB...

Also, like others have already mentioned.... Even if he was a super star QB, there is no way he could beat out Ricky Ray, who has already proven himself, and as far as I can tell, is a great team guy. He's the face of that franchise.

Excuse me but I'm confused........

How, exactly, does Richard knowing LeFors' stats in Edmonton were 6 TDs, 9 INTs, and a rating of 69.7 prove that he doesn't know much about football or doesn't know much about the Eskimos and THEIR (not "there", geez) quarterback depth????????

I think what he is saying is that most football fans should know that QB is a learning curve. Very few come in and dominate right away, many start off with sketchy stats at best. To base his future on his stats so far is stupid. And as he said, LeFors had no chance of playing while behind Ray and Maas.

See that's Kelly's smoking mirrors again. Lefors did play. Five straight games. no meaningful improvments from game to game

Game one. He came in for an injured Ray against Toronto and went 11/22 for a pitiful 66 yards and threw 1 interception

Game two. Edmonton went to TO for the backend. Lefors went 15/39 for a pitiful 139 yards and two picks

Game three. BC came in to Edmonton. Lefors went 21/40 an OK 250 yards but 3 picks ! no TD

Game four. Edmonton went to BC. He got knocked on his head early in the game. He didn't know his name...( concussion)

Game five. His best game well sorta. He went 34/48 430 yards 3 TD but cost the team the win with 1 interception and 3 fumbles !

Yep, that and also the fact that his salary keeps going up and up, and he wasnt going to be a starter there anytime soon so they might as well trade him and get something