Stefan LeFors

.......My assessment of LeFors is a little vague.....I do remember that he was inserted as the starter when Ray went down ...Seems to me he came in and did a credible job..(must've been watching Ricky)....anyway..I also remember that he was a south-paw and hooked- up with his receivers on quite a few occasions....but got decked in the back-field a few times (esks. poor o line)....This is going to be fun to watch...either we scooped the schmoes on this one...and have a real sleeper...maybe a starter....orrrrr we gave up a couple of latter round draft pics for another back-up....I know Mike Kelly knows i'll go with the 'sleeper' call.... :wink:

This was a steal, lefors is a very good QB who can run and scramble if he needs to and has a Very Strong Arm, good start to rebuilding the team for 2009 season, especially with the free agent signings we have done in the past couple of days.

Now we need a kicker/punter

Well you were just in trading mode with the team that had 7 kickers in training camp last year...

i ain’t sold on him being the starter just cause he is here. ryan bryan and timmy all deserve the chance to compete in tc with lefors. then go from there. alot of potential in our qb’s

Chang has been released, so it comes down to Lefors, Randall and Dinwiddie so far in camp which may include Glenn if we can't move him. If Glenn stays on he won't be happy on the bench, but would be good insurance as a back-up, but where would that leave Randall and Dinwiddie? I look to see Glenn traded or released outright by the end of the month, with our recievers i can see Lefors, Dinwiddie or Randall having a great year, i still say Randall is our future (at only 25 years old), but Ryan has proven he can win games and so has Lefors in his limited action in Edmonton, so i think our QB situation is in good shape.

Hodgkinson is still scouting down South and has a few QB'S on the BB'S list to bring in and evaluate and if worse comes to worse the following rumours may help us out as well, if in fact they are true:

Canada, Sheridan and a pick or 2 to BC for Jarious Jackson and another player to be named (an o-line man)

Glenn,Sheridan and Edwards or Armstrong to T.O for Joseph and a reciever (can't recall who, but was not Bruce)

same as above to Hamilton for Printers and a reciever

Montreal is apparently in the hunt now for Glenn, Canada, Armstrong and Sheridan for Brady and Richardson.

We will see what happens in the next week or two, i expect something to happen as early as next week though and personally i don't want Printers here, Brady is a back-up at best, joseph would be ok, but is getting up there in age and there is a reason he was traded from SASK to T.O and now T.O looking to move him, think his arm is getting weak? Jarious Jackson would be the best bet, but i believe Wally would want more than Canada and Sheridan.

Another option is Saskatchewan (Jyles) ... but i can't see him being an improvement from what we have, but wouldn't take a lot to get him. Maybe bring in Bishop and/or keep Glenn and let them push Lefors, Dinwiddie and Randall for 1 of three spots, competition brings out the best of any player, but on that note Kelly is VERY HIGH of Lefors and Macoccia has stated that he was wasting his talent being on the bench behing Ray and Maas.

To end this post, i believe we can win with Lefors, Dinwiddie and Randall, as Lefors has learned behind one of the best in Ray and Maas, who has also won a cup as a starter. Dinwiddie is proven he can be a slolid backup and if he if smarter with his reads can really shine, Randall needs TC, pre-season and a few games on the bench to really get a grasp of the game, but has the ability to learn VERY QUICK as Taman said last year, Randall could start if needed by mid season depending on the play of Lefors and Dinwiddie and if worse comes to worse, we can trade for a QB during the season (If needed).

Do you have a link?

No i don't have a link, but he was released in December according to CJOB, that's where i heard it, just saying what i heard.

Okay thanks. It surprised me because Kelly's been talking as if Chang is still in the mix (barely):

  • Timmy Chang (0-2) -- "He'll have a clean slate with me."
[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]

.....Kelly sure thinks Chang is still of his latest're right MadJack.....maybe OB radio has heard something we haven't...... signed ....... curious and concerned...... :roll:

Chang is signed, what's all the fuss about ?

pig, if i knew the link from December, it was announced that CHANG WAS RELEASED, he is no longer a Bomber, since the beginning of December, i heard it on CJOB with my own ears, Chang sux anyway's, big deal if we cut him!!

regarding Lefors, if what the coach says is true, and he does actually make good decisions come game time we could really be in for a steal at the QB position

if we are only spending 150k at QB we could really use all the money were saving this year to make our defence and offensive line really strong and with ried and smith i think we will have the best back field in the CFL....

we arnt just saving money from the qb spot, there is also matt sheridans money which is a 6 figure contract, there is the massive pay cut barrin took, we released anthony malbrough which would be at least close to 6 figures, jerome haywood was cut(although i hope they bring him back), plus charles roberts salary is out of here, Tom will probably be gone, though i would hope he makes a huge come back as he can be a difference maker, and also milts six figure contract when he hangs em up

that is a lot of veterans and a lot of money freed up... and they are being replaced by younger and much much cheaper options who all play just as well if not better then the veterans

this will be a good situation for Stefan to walk into, a decently strong offensive line(top three) and a top three recieving corps in the league and with good signings and re-signings we could have a stellar defence like i was saying... he very well could be a force... or he could flop on his face and really be nothing special

however, even if he does flop... i believe with all this money saved if we make our O-line/run game really good... and have a really strong defence we could still get it done... similar to the steelers

so really, if u look at it that way, getting rid of kevin could be a win win situation for Kelly....

Any reason why he's still listed on the Winnipeg roster?

I follow the team pretty closely and can only recall Haywood & Malbrough being released. Kelly, and the press, all seem to think Chang is still a Bomber, you would think they would know.

Reason Chang is still on the roster (on the bombers website) is because the Bombers Website change last years players until April or May. Again i say the guy sux anyway's, we don't need another crap QB here and that is what Chang is "garbage", no good, flat out sux.

I'm unable to recall any statement that Chang was released. Call me crazy, but I'll believe it when a credible link is provided, and not a minute before.

This article from the Winnipeg Free Press on Jan 23/09 indicates that Stefan LeFors, Ryan Dinwiddie, Bryan Randall and Timmy Chang are all currently on the Bomber roster. In fact, new Bomber head coach Mike Kelly offers brief comments on each of them in the article:

[url=] ... 16809.html[/url]

They are all 3rd string QBs at best. Value Village thanks the Bombers for their business.

And the peanut gallery thanks you for yours.

You can say what you want. All the Bomber QBs are not starters. 3rd string at best, only Dinwiddie would rate as a backup QB. LeFors is unproven. Just because Kelly says he has a good throwing arm means nothing.