Stefan LeFors to Wpg. for pics...

On the bright side, that game IIRC made us take notice of Calvin McCarty, when he grabbed the long bomb off the shoulder of the defender on his way to the endzone.

I think WPG got the good end of this trade. If Ray got injured at the start of the season, i'd want the younger LeFors as the starter.

/////?????? you still have Maas....who Danny is in luv with... :lol:

Right now there are a few teams that are in question when it comes to Quarterback.
The riders, Bombers, Tigercats,Argos and Als come to mind. Mind you if AC decides to hang out again with the Als they will be off that list. But it should be interesting who picks up Glenn and see him excel under different coaching. Thats face it Berry is a bonehead much like Danny M they are very astute in destroying a team. In the list most are from the eastern conference so that is a crap shoot division so any one of these young guys just might come out looking good.

....How about your back-up position in Cal. my son,...i don't see too much depth there ....Glenn could be a natural fit... :wink:

Not so sure there papa; Nealy looked pretty good the times he got to play, and Will Proctor has good credentials as well. Given that Hank will get 90% of the playing time there anyway, I can't see the Stamps having any interest in Glenn.

....i'm just pullin on ol reds reins there MadJack..... Nealy didn't look too're right....but everyone knows even good qbs. (henry) are one hit away from the injury list...Never can have too much depth :wink:

Valid point papa…and behind a great offensive line giving him lots of time, and with that stellar receiving corps in Calgary, Glenn would probably be rejuvenated there.

But I doubt that he’ll end up there.

Doesn’t Toronto still have Joseph? I know it was kind of a mediocre year for him, but with all Bishop clogging things up, and with a new coaching staff, I think he could do better.

Well Dad let me tell you. The BC LIons were a very good team and I am sure you would admit that. Our 2nd and third string QB'sdid a mighty fine job of winning against a team with many defensive all stars in the line up. Also did I mention this game meant nothing to Calgary but meant a home playoff game to BC. Tell me Dad that the third and second string QB's did a bad job at beating a very good defense.

Glenn would be good on any team with a good oline and coaching.

LOL only him going back to the Riders will he produce. The Argos are going to rebuild and that does not look good for Joseph.