Stefan LeFors to Wpg. for pics...

The Bombers have acquired LeFors for a couple of draft pics. from the esks. .....good move by the Bombers...I believe Mike Kelly seen something in the kid and probably initiated the deal......LeFors is a lefty....something different for the BigBlue...There seems to be quite a bit of competition lining up for the qb. position in the Peg.....ATTN. ...Glenn, Dinwiddie, Randall, Chang... :wink:

Here you go again Dad. Taman the draft choice killer leaves and what happens he is replaced with yet another guy willing to give away draft choices. Remember a team is only as good as their Canadian Content of players.

and as good as your quarterback, an area in which we have been lacking in

I like the trade. We still have Ray and Maas, and we get a couple extra draft picks. Thanks guys! :smiley:

Well M4L you are right there is a cost to everything. But I would have waited for him to be honest. See what happens during TC before giving up draft choices. How do you not know this guy could have been released by the eskimos. I doubt it but you really never know. Giving up Canadians is a steep price.

now now my son.......second round draft pics......crap-shoot at best.....A qb. who was being groomed behind Ricky can't be all that bad...Mike Kelly was watching this kid pretty close and wouldn't have bothered signing him without seeing some future in the guy....Who knows..???he could be a starter....orrrrr he gives us depth at the qb. spot....I like the deal.....thanx schmoes.... :lol:

Okay Dad you wish to bet on this Kid being the starter this year or for that matter a backup.'re on.....especially since Glenn has just been given his wallking papers....LeFors has got a real shot'''' :wink: I'll let you propose a wager......(no cash involved...just like i've always told you ...I'm broke.. :lol:

LeFors a starter... I don't know. I mean, he was decent when Ray got injured... but we also didn't win any games after that. :lol:

So who's the new #3 (or co #2) in Edmonton behind Ray and Maas?

....Haven't got total recall on the guys play ....however i do remember being impressed with the lefty and thought he did a great job replacing Ray.....In an interview today on Wpg. local media....LeFors said he was really happy to be following Kelly to Wpg.. as they had great chemistry while in Edm.....I'm definitely convinced now, that this trade was Kellys' call....we'll see how it works out..


Sounds like the two have chemistry. Maybe he'll flourish under Kelly.

I'm sorry to lose Lefors, from what I've seen he has the goods. I'm glad for him though, he should have a good shot at being the starter in Winipeg and he wasn't likely to get that chance in Edmonton. He could come back to haunt the Eskimos.

Glenn was due some ridiculous payment on his contract come February, this is a salary dump any way you slice it.

Ah a dad and son bet! Iwill come up with something.

Piggy that would be the only plus on this one really.

This leaves Glenn in much the same position as Khari Jones was in Wpg. They sign him to a huge contract, then get rid of him before they have to pay much of it. Nobody will want him at that price and maybe even then only as a backup or injury replacement. There are just no QB job openings in the CFL, except in Wpg. Sask would probably want get one of their younger guys some playing time, rather than hitching their wagons to the two-knee-braced K. Glenn.

What glenn got released? If so ill take him for 3 timbits + 1 larrge double double, and if he produces this year we'll throw in a sheef of wheat.

Our defense was more to blame for that. Particularly the Sask game in October, when he chucked 3 TD passes, and the game shouldn't have come down to a penalty-negated FG and then OT loss.

I'd forgotten all about that game. Thanks... :x