Stefan Charles #1 draft pick 2013

DT Stefan Charles from the U of S Huskies is the top player in the CFL scouting Bureau. Hamilton now has the top pick so this should be a no brainer. I believe that although he did play for the U of S he is not from Saskatchewan but rather the Toronto area so it cold not be a better situation for both Charles and the Cats to select him #1 overall in the Canadian draft. As far as I know he does not have a lot of NFL interest so he could be in the lineup next season. Although I am not positive on his NFL interest or possibilities so that could change.

I think they would be better if they traded the draft pick for a top DB from another team. Any ideas who they should get?

Stefan Charles plays for the University of Regina Rams not the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. But yes, he is from the Southern Ontario region ... Oshawa.

My bad on the school mix up but they need to make that pick. Trading it away would be disaterous for Hamilton. If teams haven t learned by now that you need to build your canadian content through the draft shame on them. there are times to make trades but when you have a chance to select the top player in the draft you take it. Montreal has stayed strong because they use their draft picks to build Canadian depth on the O Line moving to the other side of the ball and doing the same with interior D lineman is also becoming important now. The top players have been able to make an impact right away. The Riders did the right thing by taking Heenan and it paid off. If you need fresh talent in the D backfield you need to do your job and scout new import players. There is a lot of talented players out there that are in the mid 20's and get caught in a numbers game with NFL rosters as teams need to make space for new rookies to see what they can do. Pat Watkins, Joe Burnett, Fred Reid just off the top of my had have come in their first year and are having all star seasons.

I would like to see them draft either LB Bo Lokombo from Oregon or OT Matt Sewell from Mac :cowboy:

Cant go wrong with an O lineman I agree with that pick but if they are going to go defense going with a player that can contribute and play the 2013 season and not a guy that needs to wait a season.

It's hard to make predictions before the combine. Medeiros was ranked in the top 15 last year but then he looked so bad in one-on-ones during the combine that he wen't un-drafted. However, I still want an offensive tackle with the #1 pick. So as of right now I'd be taking either Sewell or Watman, assuming the latter can make the transition from guard to tackle.

I cannot argue with that. especailly the part about moving to Tackle. The lineman are getting much better and bigger I think thats what we will see happening more in the CFL Canadian Lineman extending out to RT. You are seeing the beginning of it now. There are several that are solid starters right now and others that are capable as back ups and Matt O'Donnel is getting training under fire right now in Edmonton with Orrin Thompson out and tyler moving to LT. Dylan Steenbergen also did a cabable job at RT for the esks at times this year. J'Michael Dean has also seen time at RT and could eventually become a starter there. It helped that he started for Mich St. at RT his sr year. Good Canadian Offfensive lineman are the base of every good team. Everyoe talks about Calivillo playing so great at 40 yrs old the reason being that Montreal continues to load up with Canadian O lineman so when one retires they have several that are being groomed to take over.
Toronto tried an all Canadian O line just for the sake of the ratio but it cant be done with castoffs and guys past their prime.